Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hawiian Hit Fest

Clare's softball team went on the road the first weekend of June.  It was a fun tournament with a Hawaiian theme.  Us moms spent several evenings discussing what was needed for the trip to KC.  The girls needed some Hawaiian attire and a dugout contest was involved too.

Before games on Saturday, we took the girls to Legends, which is a shopping area and restaurants.  We wanted to keep the girls inside since is was so blasted hot out.  The girls played a bunch of games at Dave and Busters, ate lunch and did a little shopping too before it was game time.

Game Time

Softball Moms


 It was a fun get-away for Clare and I.  Her teammates enjoyed hanging out all weekend, playing the game they all love despite losing all of their games.  The competition were veteran 12U players.

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