Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clare Turns 6

This weekend we celebrated Clare turning 6. She thought this was big thing. She liked telling people her new age. Her teacher at school gave her a birthday crown to wear, and she wore it around the house for a few days.
When planning the kid's parties these days, I'm finding it to be difficult with the availability with family. There is always something going on during the weekends. We celebrated Clare's bday with my side of the family as Phil's mom worked this week and Dan and Raye had company in town over the weekend.

Saturday was a wet, soggy day. Instead of grilling, I made chili for lunch. Not super kid friendly but they all ate it anyway. It was perfect on this cool fall day.

When I asked Clare what kind of decorations she wanted, she said she wanted 'butterflies.' She
picked out her butterfly design at Nobbies. Hy-Vee decorated her cake to match the decorations.

3 months and 6 years

I was over at the kitchen sink, and I look over to see Ruthie sitting on the table eating crackers.

Silly faces

Thanks everyone for the wonderful gifts you gave Clare.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's Happening at Our House this Weekend

Look who I found playing in the closet.

**Notice Ruth with only 1 shoe on. She is always playing in the shoes and has just one on.

Gramma Mary came up for a visit this weekend. Phil started his graduate class and I need her help on Sat. Clare had soccer pictures and a game too. Gramma was able to keep the others home while I sat in the rain watching Clare play.

Today, Sunday, was cold and rainy again. Andrew had a football game and with Gramma still here, she watched the girls while I bundled up to watch the Irish play. Andrew is #12, quarterback. He is on the Irish(green). Phil helps coach and can be seen on the sideline.

The game was tied. Andrew scored the TD on his team, but I didn't video of it.

Videos of Andrew running with the ball.

Where's Ruthie??

PE Teacher for the Day

It was Homecoming this week for the kids' school. On Thursday, Olivia's school had the kids dress up to an -er word. Olivia was thinking Dancer, Singer, or Teacher. Since Olivia's aunt teaches PE, we called her to see if she had a shirt saying something about PE. Sure enough she did. It was PERFECT!!

Thanks Aunt Sara!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Go Hawks!!

Each year, my friends from college and I TRY to get together in the summer. Well, the summer came and gone without us getting together. It just seems that the summers are getting shorter and shorter each year. Anyway, we decided to all hook up at the first Iowa game. It was perfect with the holiday weekend in there too. Adina & Paul live in IC so we all meet there before heading to the game. The traffic wasn't too bad driving to the stadium, just a lot of Hawk fans walking. There were Hawkeye fans of all ages...infants to elderly couples. Phil receives the good samaritan award. As we were driving, we stopped to wait for an elderly dedicated Hawkey couple to cross the street. They were all decked out in Hawkeye Gold. They had to be in their late 70's. Adina noticed something drop from their pocket. She said we had to get it and give to them, it could be something very important. Phil was closest to the door and bolted to pick up the envelope and ran to the couple. Phil stopped them and said they had dropped this. Sure enough, it was their tickets to the game. The old man thanked Phil forever shaking his hand and asked his name. In the meantime, we continue to drive real slow to wait for him but by the time the name let Phil go, we were down the street with the van door still ajar, yelling "Phil!!!!!!" Now, we were all pumped for the game.

After the game, we all headed back to Adina's and Paul's for a cookout. It was great to relax with our friends. Since we only get together once a year, we had a ton to catch up on. We shared lots of fun memories, and of course talk about our kids. It was strange not having our 4 running around to look after but a much enjoyed break. Next time, we'll all bring our children to our get together.

Tailgating behind Kinnick Stadium.

Phil, Jason, & Paul

Kristi, Colette, myself, & Adina

The Best Roomies Ever!!

Colette and I decided not get tickets but instead head to a local pizza restaurant to watch the game for old time sake. It was definitely cooler watching the game inside than in the hot sun.

Thanks Grandma for watching the kids for us!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

15 Months

Ruthie, can you please slow down growing. You are getting So Big Way to Fast!!! Here you are smiling real big. When we ask you to smile, this is how you look. You love to give kisses, walk around the house with only one shoe on, suck on your pacifier, follow your siblings around, climb chairs and sit on the table. What a busy little girl you are!