Monday, March 29, 2010

Celebrating Birthdays

Michelle and Joe invited family up to Cedar Falls to celebrate their children's birthdays. The kids were very excited to see their cousins and also to go swimming. It was beautiful outside too so the kids were able to play and enjoy the sun shining.

Trip up to Cedar Falls

Time to eat-Scooby Dooby style
Scooby mac n'cheese, hotdogs from the grill, Scooby yogurt, chips, and fruit.

Uncle Mike and my mom

All the cousins together

The cake was in the shape of a doggy bone.

Pool Time

The 'Big' kids having fun too!

O with the Birthday Girl

C and my nephew

Our little fish-CB

If Baby R was not napping, I would have had pictures of her in the water too. She napped pretty much the whole time while everyone else was splashing away and having a good time.

In Town...

visiting was Phil's friend, Brian and his wife Sheila. They came down for the day on Sat. We don't see them very often since Phil's mom no longer lives in Algona. For lunch we grilled Italian sausages and hamburgers since the forecast didn't look great for grilling for supper. The older kids entertained themselves for most of the day while we all visited. R. spent a good chunk of the napping. Thanks for coming to visit Brian and Sheila.

Friday, March 26, 2010

An Expensive Smile

For the past two years, O has been seeing an orthodontist. Her teeth aren't really crooked. Unfortunately she inherited my BIG teeth and her jaw is too small. The time came a few months ago when the Dr. said it was time to get a mold of her teeth. A month later, the Dr. told us the 'news' that she in fact needs braces. Phil and I were hoping she wouldn't need them. I guess we were wrong. She has to wear them for the next two years. Her smile will look great while our wallet will be getting lighter.
When I came home from work, O was practicing her flute. It may take some time for her mouth to adjust to blowing in it. I didn't think it sounded too bad for the first time playing with the braces on. Right now, O has pink and green bands on and will go back in 3 weeks. She is already thinking of the colors to put on next.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun in the Hood

We have now lived here for 2 1/2 years. When we were looking for a new home, we wanted to live on a quiet street, sidewalks and we hoped to have neighbor kids for the kids to play with. We found just that. We LOVE our neighborhood! This is a view of our backyard on most spring, summer, and fall days. Here are O and A playing football with a few kids in the neighborhood.

6 inches of snow fell on Friday, you couldn't tell it today. With the temp reaching the 50's, it melted and good enough for Phil to grill burgers.

Wiggly Tooth is Out

During church exactly one month ago today, C. asked,"How long does it take for a tooth to fall out?" "Depends how loose it is." I said. She then told me she had wiggly tooth. I had her show me and sure enough, her bottom tooth was wiggly. On the way home from church, Phil played the song "Wiggly, Jiggly Tooth" in the van and C. had a smile on her face that was priceless. C. was so proud of her wiggly tooth, she wiggled it all the time in front of people making sure they knew her tooth was loose.
C. became comfortable of having a wiggly tooth. She didn't want to tug on it much in fear of pain. She HATES any type of pain. Yesterday, I noticed the tooth turning brown, knowing the nerves were dead and soon it would fall out. Today around lunch time, I asked her to push out her tooth with her tongue and she did. I said, "Very soon, it will fall out." I turned away and the next thing I heard was, "My tooth is out," and her tooth in her hand. Phil and I had her smile at us. Very cute. We just can't believe she is losing her teeth already. Where does the time fly??

C's tooth is in O's glow in the dark tooth holder. She is ready to put it under her pillow and can't wait for the Tooth Fairy to come.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Day of Winter, Right??

Today is the last official day of being winter. This afternoon, it started to snow once again. We're suppose to get around 2-4 inches. Hard to believe since yesterday was the warmest yet, 64 degrees. And today we're in the 30's.

R. crawled to the patio door and liked pulling herself up. She gave the glass some kisses as well.

Standing Up

R. pulled herself up. Everyday she is becoming more brave.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Playing in the Sun

We are on spring break here and finally the SUN decided to peek through the clouds. The temperature was in the 50's, which seems warm after the winter we've had here. Just a week ago, snow was covering the grass and now, a little green grass is popping up. The kids have been outside enjoying the fresh air and playing with their friends outside. This sure makes us anxious for summer vacation.

For C.'s 5th birthday last Sept., she received roller blades. She had difficulties skating when she first got them, but today she skated really well.

Ready to go. Good thing pads are being worn.

C and a neighbor friend skating.

This is so much fun.

Her face says it all about learning to roller blade.


With the weather being warmer, we were able to grill chicken today. R. likes baked chicken but today was her first with grilled chicken. Chicken and mashed potatoes are one of her favorite meals. Slowly but surely, she is liking table foods.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Counting Down

Raye and Dan are expecting their little one in less than 6 weeks. What an exciting time for them both. Mary and I hosted a baby shower this past weekend. The kids are anxious for their new baby cousin to arrive. It will be a surprise to whether the baby will be a boy or girl.

4 Little Monkeys in Bed

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

9 months

Today marks RM's 9 month birthday. No, she isn't crawling but has the stance to begin. However, she moves backwards just a little. She now says 'mama' more consistently.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CB Town

Saturday night was a lot of fun for Phil and I. We were out celebrating my brother's 40th birthday. My sister-in-law surprised my brother with a roadtrip with a bunch of his friends to CB. Grandma came up to watch the kids so that Phil and I could go. While we were in CB, we were able to see some good friends. Lots of laughs and good times were shared this night.

Meeting Elvis was a surprise.