Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christmas in July-Music that is

Ruth absolutely LOVES to dance. There is always music playing in the house with her older siblings around. When a song comes on while watching TV, she immediately stops what she is doing and bops up and down. It is the cutest thing ever.

Chewing on the Cob

It tastes so delicious!!!

Good Bye Glasses, Hello Contacts

Today was the day that Olivia can finally say good-bye to her glasses. Well at least for part of her day. She was unsure at first if she really wanted to wear contacts because she liked how she looked in her glasses. I told her change is sometimes frightening. She and we are use to seeing her in glasses everyday. For the past 6 years she has worn them. But now that she has contacts in, she is VERY excited she decided to get them.
I've included some photos of Olivia wearing her different styles of glasses over the years.
5years 6years 10 years

She is SOOOO excited to be able to wear sunglasses now!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boys will be Boys

If Andrew had his way, he play with his cousins daily. Since it summer, Sara (sister-in-law) and I have the summers off, one perk for being a teacher. The boys decided to play with their Nerf guns and to spike their hair. I thought they looked pretty cute for playing rough and tough.

High School Friend

On Monday, my friend from high school, Tammy came over so our kids could play together. She has two little girls, 4 and 2. My girls love playing with them. It has been months since we have gotten together. It just seems crazy that now we live in the same town that we'll go 4 months before we see each other.

Weekend in Maryville

We went to Maryville this past weekend to visit Gramma. Dan, Raye, and Joseph also came. It had been FOREVER since we had gone to visit. It was due time. With the kids being busy in school activities in the school year, it makes it hard to get away over the weekend. It's a good thing both my mom and Phil's mom are flexible and drive to see us the majority of the time. The kids always enjoy their visit and hopefully it won't be 9 months for us to return.

On Sun., Phil and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.

Clare is a pro when it comes to holding babies.

Ruth loves to touch the baby. Joseph needs some goggles so his eyes don't get poked out.

Gramma with her little ones.

Dan and Raye celebrated their 2nd anniversary this past Monday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Incredible Pizza

We went to Incredible Pizza for lunch and also for a little fun. The kids ALWAYS enjoy their time going there, not only for the great selection of food, but also the games. The kids LOVE playing the games.
Neon Golfing--You can't tell from the photos.

Ruth can now play in some of the toys there. She liked the Apple not moving rather than when the Apple moved back and forth.

Clare wearing her prize.

After playing games, it was time for dessert.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

District Game 3

Here is Andrew cheering on his teammates. Today was not their day to make any runs. His team lost 0-11, finishing in just 4 innings. Several guys were able to get on base but none were able to score. It was a tough loss against their friends. In the end, I believe he feels a little relieved that he is finished with baseball. NO MORE PRACTICE.....that is til football starts next month, ha. Summer can now begin!!!
Over the past 3 1/2 months of playing baseball, Andrew has learned a lot about the sport. It was a growing year compared to years past. No coaches help out when the pitching isn't the best and no Tee is used. Everyone isn't a winner at this age in the game. He has learned determination, have fun while playing, sportsmanship, and hard work is needed to play sports. It was quite an accomplishment to be 1 out of 24 to be selected to represent Johnston.

Andrew is just beyond the fence there in left field.

Here is Ruthie eating her first taste of a lolly. She hasn't had any candy yet but I was desperate to keep her content while at the game. At one point she was out of the stroller, but she immediately found the mud and stepped right into it. Her toes were just covered in it. Good thing her sandals clean well in water. Since we were by the concession stand, I bought some lollies for myself. People that know me, I LOVE CANDY!! I just wanted to keep her in her stroller IF possible. The BIG storm last night, left several large mud puddles around the complex. I gave in and gave her a lolly. As you can tell, she LOVED it!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

District Game 2

Playing baseball in 97 degrees at 4PM doesn't sound like fun. But it isn't too bad when you win. It was another nail biter of a game. We were guests again and had to stay on top to keep ahead of Ankeny. Ankeny scored the first two runs, and then Johnston came back and scored 3 runs. Throughout the game we kept going back and forth and at the 6th inning, we were tied, 7-7. We had to play an extra inning. This was brutal...the kids were hot, feeling tired, but the same time pumped, determined to do their best. Never once giving up. IF they lost, they were done!! Andrew's team was at bat first. Tonight was their night with hitting, scoring 3 more runs. Last night's game, the team struggled with hitting the ball in the outfield. Now, Ankeny's up to bat and time to hold them from scoring. And the boys did just that. Final score was 10-7.

No rest tomorrow. The next match up is with Johnston National All-Star team. This will be tough, not only because of the heat and 3rd day in a row of playing baseball, but they're playing against their friends and former teammates from Little League. Both teams have lost one so far, so whoever loses, will be done. Whatever the outcome is, both teams have played outstanding to get this far.

Andrew pitched the first 3 innings. Then he sat out the other 3 to rest.

Help coaching at 1st base.

Hit a single in the 7th inning and had an RBI.

Trying to score home to increase the lead. The fans behind the fence are parents and players from the Johnston National All-Star team. They are waiting to see who wins this game.

Great job Fellas!!

Feeling good about today's win.

Friday, July 16, 2010

District Game 1

Tonight, Andrew's All-Star team played against Ankeny's National All-Star team. Both of these team were equally matched up, both winning their pools to advance to districts. Andrew's team lost 6-7. It was such a good game to watch. We were all on pins and needles watching to see if the team could defeat the opponent. It was top of the 6th inning, two outs, two on base, and Andrew is up at bat. How stressful for his parents and the rest of the team!! Andrew had two strikes and one ball on him. Here comes the pitch, Andrew hits a clean hit out to center. Andrew runs with all of his might to first base and the center fielder made a great catch. Andrew disappointed in himself and gets upset with how the game ended. The car ride home was quiet for Andrew. He wasn't in the mood to talk, still emotional from the game. I knew he would open up later, when it came time for bed. He was a tired boy tonight and hopefully gets a good night rest.

Johnston plays again tomorrow afternoon, since there is double elimination. He will be playing Ankeny's American All-Star team.

Ruth and my nephew

Cooling off with a lemonade frozen treat.

Here Came the Tooth Fairy

Last night, Clare had a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Yesterday when we were driving around Clare asked, "How does the Tooth Fairy know to come to our house?" Her big sister said, "Maybe the TF has a snow globe like Santa and she sees who has lost a tooth in her globe." I said, "Maybe a little bell goes off to let the TF know that a tooth has been lost." She was fine with these responses. About an hour later, Clare was eating a sucker treat and out comes her tooth. She was VERY excited to put her tooth in a class of water, just like her dad did when he was little. The TF left her two quarters which she was excited about. She wants to spend it in the gumball machines at the mall.

Who's Walking Who??

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Game 4

Today's game was in the middle of the hot afternoon, 92 degrees, against Altoona. We came prepared with sun screen, water and a little bit of shade. I wasn't sure on whether to go or not since game time was during Ruth's nap time. I chanced it and all went well, even the All-Stars. This was the last pool game for us and the team pulled off their 4th win. The score was 13-0. Next week, the team will play in the tournament against the other remaining 3 teams.

Trying to keep cool in the hot sun.

Get those shades on Ruthie!

Not tired enough to fall asleep in the stroller and it's 3:30.

Good Job All-Stars!!

Now, she's asleep on the ride home.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Game 3

Tonight the Dragons played against North Story. Andrew's team won 5-25. Andrew hit really well this game, hitting a triple, double, a single, then struck-out. He played left field and also 2nd base. Tonights win advanced his team to the finals next week, but for now, he has another game tomorrow to finish up.

Stealing to 2nd base

Waiting for a hit to go home.

Strike 3

Thursday, July 8, 2010

River in the Backyard

It seems like almost every year, there is a chance for flooding on my grandparents farm. Well, here we go again, the Des Moines River up close to their house. The river SHOULD be behind the trees in the distance, but as you can see, it is right behind Andrew flooding crops.

My grandparents don't stress about the water getting high. Their house is build high enough that water has never reached inside their home but not without the help of two sump pumps. The water has and could flow across some lower areas and cover the road that lets them into town. My grandpa just doesn't spend time worrying about it b/c there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One Game Down, Three More to Go

Today was the first game for the Johnston American All-Star team. They played against Ames. Andrew's team won 4-8 and has another game tomorrow, that's if the weather cooperates.

Let's Play Ball!!

Andrew pitched the last 3 innings.

On 3rd base after hitting a triple.

Andrew scoring the 8th run.

Cheering section

Group talk about their game plan for tomorrow.