Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cheer Camp

Ruth participated in cheer camp last week.  She loved going everyday for an hour all week.  She would chant the new cheer she learned on our drive home.  On Friday, she performed all of the cheers in front of family and friends.  Now, she is all set to cheer her big brother in his baseball and football games.  Go DRAGONS!!

Her mentor cheerleader

Here We Go Again...

 third child in braces.  We knew it was coming...after losing a few more teeth. For now, only the top are needed for hardware.  Clare is getting use to them but they still hurt. 

Splash Pad

My friend from high school came up one day, and we spent the day together.  After a couple of errands, we took the kids to cool off at a nearby splash pad.  The girls had a refreshing time together and hopefully we'll be able to do it again this summer.

Celebrating 95 Years of Life

My grandma turned 95 on June 11.  Andrew, Ruth and I were able to make a quick trip back home to have lunch with her and shower her with a couple gifts.  Grandma is a strong woman, who still lives independently at her home and looks AMAZING for 95.  She was just tickled that several of her grandchildren and great children were able to be there too.

11U STATE Softball

Johnston Pride

State was held last weekend.  Double elimination means there would be lot of games.  The tournament started Friday night...played two, WON, making them seeded 2nd out of 23 team in pool play.  Played two more on Saturday...WON.  Then on Sunday they lost the first game.  But that didn't stop the girls at all.  Four games later that afternoon, they were in the championship playing the team that beat them the first of the day.  But, the team from the Quad Cities was strong as ever and won.  Overall, Johnston Pride parents, coaches, and girls were elated with 2nd place.  All season the girls have been playing against 12U girls and finally they played against girls their own size and ability. They looked awesome on the field and played their best.  Clare was on fire at the plate, hitting over 500.

Keeping cool in the little shade around the fields in between games.

2nd Place at STATE

This smile says it all.
This is what Ruth thinks about watching 9 games of softball over the weekend...exhausting.

Hawiian Hit Fest

Clare's softball team went on the road the first weekend of June.  It was a fun tournament with a Hawaiian theme.  Us moms spent several evenings discussing what was needed for the trip to KC.  The girls needed some Hawaiian attire and a dugout contest was involved too.

Before games on Saturday, we took the girls to Legends, which is a shopping area and restaurants.  We wanted to keep the girls inside since is was so blasted hot out.  The girls played a bunch of games at Dave and Busters, ate lunch and did a little shopping too before it was game time.

Game Time

Softball Moms


 It was a fun get-away for Clare and I.  Her teammates enjoyed hanging out all weekend, playing the game they all love despite losing all of their games.  The competition were veteran 12U players.

Monday, May 30, 2016

New Smile

Ruth's top tooth had been wiggly for weeks.  At first she was excited about it being loose but then quickly avoided any biting from the front teeth, didn't wiggle it much and it seemed to take FOREVER for it to fall out.

Then on May 10 at 3:00 or so in the morning, Ruth came into my room and woke me up saying, "My tooth came out."  She was all calm, and we headed to the bathroom.  It was ready to come out as there wasn't any blood and in a day the permanent tooth was visible.  

Art Night

Every spring, the kids' elementary school holds an Art Night.  Each student selects 2 pieces of art to display and their clay creation is showcased.  Now that the end of the of the year is near, all of their artwork is home in a portfolio.  I take pictures of most of their items and keep only one or two.  It's hard to keep EVERYTHING. 

This is Clare's last Art Night since she will be moving on to middle school next year.  Her 6 years are done at TR. 

Ruth standing proudly by her bird.
Clare chose the "Go Hawk" art work to display.

Happy Birthday to Our Oldest and Youngest

With the kids getting older, it is tricky to plan a day to celebrate the kids' birthdays.  Today, being Memorial Day, we were able to celebrate Olivia turning 17 and Ruth turning 7.  My nephew said at the party, "I remember when Ruth was born. That seems like yesterday." Yeah, it does!  

We had a cookout, some yard games for the kids, friends and family over to celebrate our girls.  It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day. 

Ruth wrote her own message.
Gramma Mary with Olivia
Olivia with two of her friends.
Party Crew
Ruth and second cousin, Lauren
Ruth and her neighbor friend, Kyla
Ruth counting her $7 from Grandma Ann.
Sisterly Love
Phil's cousin, Jill and daughter, Lauren
4 Generations...Great Grandma Lois(red), grandma Ann, myself with Olivia.  Grandma Lois's sister is visiting so she came too. 
Ruth's Great Grandma Lois...almost 95.

My brother and his family came to celebrate.
Grandma Ann with the birthday girls.
Us with our oldest