Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crazy to think our little Olivia now 13 years old.  She is not so little any more:-( She has become a beautiful young lady. 

Andrew~11, Clare~ 7, & Ruthie~1 week shy of 3 yrs.
For fun, here are pictures from memory lane.
1 day old-1999
4 years old

7 years old

11 years old

What will He or She Bee????

My good friend from high school is having her third baby in the fall.  She and her husband, Aaron, have two girls already.  They have always found out the gender of their babies.  This time around they wanted to share the excitement of the gender of their 3rd baby.  They had a gender reveal party...theme "I wonder what he or she will bee?"  Once they had a sonogram, the tech wrote the gender down and place it in an envelope.  They took it straight to a local bakery w/o peeking either.  The baker then prepared cupcakes with blue or pink frosting inside each cupcake for the parents and guests.  It was so exciting for both family and friends to find out the gender of the baby the same time Tammy and Aaron did.  They threw an amazing party with great food, company and entertainment.

They are having a...................

Her name will be Nina Isabella.

2 Years Later

This past April was Olivia's 2 year anniversary of wearing braces. At her appointment, the dentist asked her when she wanted her braces off.  She said next month.  Olivia wanted them off before her birthday.  

 Before the ortho appointment.

After...Million Dollar Smile
Well, she didn't all of them off.  Only the top 4 teeth don't have the braces anymore.  The rest will come off in June or so we think.  I think Olivia looks older now with some of her braces off.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drake Relays

In 5th grade, the students are able to run in a relay at the Drake Relays if he or she is one of the top 6 fastest.  When it came time to run in PE class to see if he qualifies, Andrew was very nervous.  He didn't even sleep well b/c of his nerves.  Well, he qualified and ended up being the fastest runner out of all of the 5th graders at his school.  Which is about 90+ students.  On Friday, April 27th his school team went to Drake Stadium to run.  A bunch of other metro schools were there to compete against too. 
The weather wasn't the best.  It was cold, damp and lightning ended up postponing the race for 30 minutes.  Once it was safe to run, the kids worked their way to the field.  The relay lasted about 2 minutes and then it was done.  Andrew received a t-shirt and a Drake Relay baton for a souvenir.

TR Team
Andrew and his PE teacher
Andrew is in white running across the field.

Trip to Omaha

 We took a day trip to Omaha.  It has been since Christmas since we have spent time with Dan and Raye.  The kids had a lot of fun playing with their cousins.  They are getting sooo big.

             Happy 2nd Birthday Joseph.