Friday, June 13, 2014

That's What Friends are For

Ruth's good friend was having her last t-ball game and invited us to come.  Once we arrived to the field, Abby's team was in the field and we could hear Abby saying,"Hi Ruffie!" and waving to her.  It was just darling.  Abby was tickled that we were there to watch her play.  

These girls couldn't get enough of each other.  They haven't seen each other since school has been out, May 29th.  We plan to have some play dates this summer before starting school. 

Tomorrow will be a special day.  All of my girls will be walking in a Heart Walk in support of Abby. This little spunky girl has a pacemaker and you wouldn't know by looking at her.  It was put in when she was just days old.  She is a miracle!

Orange Box in the Mail = Shutterfly

It seems that my scrapbooking days don't exist anymore.  It is so hard to find time to get away for a few hours on the weekend to work on my kids' books and to stay up to date.  And during the school year, my nights are not spent on it either.  The last time I scrapbooked was either in December or January.   I take a ton of pictures but don't print them as often as I use to.

Each year, I do put together on Shutterfly book for our family to recap our year, but don't usually finish it up until about 6 months later.  I have my 2013 book 'almost' done, only a few more things to add, then I'll have it printed.  Plus I like wait for a deal on their books. 

Back in April, I started a Shutterfly book on our trip to Chicago.  I found an old coupon that I just had to use before the expiration date, and it pushed me to work on both of my books.  I decided to complete the Chicago book first since is was smaller in pages than my year in review book of 2013. 

 Look what came in the mail today!!!

 A few sample pages.

So many things to do in the summer when I'm off from teaching.   I do plan to finish up my 2013 book and also to make a book for Ruth and all of the preschool pictures I took. 

A Poke Here, A Poke There

One more thing to cross off the list before heading to school was Ruth getting her 5 year shots.  For some strange reason, Ruth couldn't wait to get her shots and kept asking when she was going.  The day finally came.  She was a Rock Star for getting 3 shots in her legs with only a few tears but no screaming for this girl.  We will have to go back next week to have 2 more shots.  They didn't have them in at the time which is probably best.   Can't imagine having 5 shots at once. 

Ruth also had blood drawn from her arm which didn't even seem to bother her at all.  She has been complaining her tummy hurts often but never gets sick so I thought maybe I should have her tested for celiac.  She wasn't tested when I tested the other 3 children 7 years ago when I was diagnosed and thought maybe her tummy troubles were because of her diet.  Well, luckily the test was negative, but still don't know why her "waist hurts". 

Since Ruth did so well at the doctor's office, I stopped at McDonald's to have some ice cream and to play. 

Ruth's Got Glasses

Last week, I took Ruth in for a routine eye exam before she starts kindergarten in the fall.  She had her eyes examined through the Lion's Club during preschool this past year and everything came back normal.  So I was thinking all will be fine.  WRONG!!!!!!!   The eye tech person had Ruth do a few tests and then the doctor came in.  I was SHOCKED to hear her say Ruth has astigmatism in both eyes and amblyopia.  To get a more accurate reading of her vision, Ruth's eyes were dilated.  She was such a trooper when the drops were put in her eyes, no fighting one bit.  If I remember correctly with Clare, she was feisty.  Two hours later, we left and came back the next day to pick out frames.  Ruth's vision was blurry with the dilation and wasn't in the mood.  However, later this summer Ruth's eyes will be tested again to see how they are doing with glasses.  There is a chance she may have to wear a patch on her eye if her vision doesn't improve.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Look Who's 5

Even though Ruth celebrated her birthday with family already, she was so pumped today to be finally 5!  When we asked her where she wanted to go eat, she quickly said, "Chuck E Cheese's."

Looks like I should have zoomed in more. Oops

Being silly while waiting for our pizza

Just from the look on her face, she is lovin' it here.

"Look at all of my tickets!"

From Olivia's look, she didn't do well on her game.

With her tickets Ruth chose a couple of tattoos and two colored hair clips.

Me and my girls

Battle of the Borders

This past weekend, we drove to Omaha to see some family and friends but we also watched Andrew play in a baseball tournament there (Battle of the Borders).  We had a great time hanging with Phil's brother's family and seeing a good friend of mine.  The weather was HOT for baseball and we all got a little too much sun. 

Phil's brother Dan giving Andrew some hitting advice...hee, hee.

My nephews keeping cool in the shade while watching the game.
My good friend and teaching buddy, Wendelin.  She drove up to watch 3 of Andrew's games.
It's always nice to have a park near the fields.  Ruth with her Aunt Raye and cousin.
Games over and we head back to our own state. Andrew's team went 2-2 this weekend against the Nebraska teams. 

15th Birthday

May 27th our sweet, thoughtful Olivia turned 15. It doesn't seem possible we have a daughter this old.  Time is just a ticking by and before we know it, you will be graduating high school. 

Here are a few of your favorite things:
-earning money with babysitting
-wintergreen mints & wintergreen gum
-listening to music
-spending time with her cousins
-hanging with her girlfriends

**Photos taken by Olivia's friend.