Thursday, March 27, 2014

Road Trip to Chicago-Day 1

Since summer is usually booked with traveling to baseball games, Phil and I decided to go to Chicago for a few days with the kids during Spring Break.   The older two knew we were going about a week out from actually going, but we didn't tell Clare until the night before.  Little Ruth went to grandma's b/c we knew there would be TOO much walking around in the city.  We knew she'd have more fun there than carting her around all day in museums.

We headed on the road at 7:30am.  This is the sun rising in the the east.

The kids entertained themselves with movies and listening to music.
 Arriving in the "Windy City".

We stayed at the Embassy Suites-Lakefront.  The hospitality was awesome there.  The kids were in awe of the large hotel.  It wasn't a Days Inn or Super 8, ha.  

Once we were settled in the hotel, we walked to Navy Pier, which was just down the street.  The walk wasn't far, but the cold, nasty winds made it brutal to get there.  The temperature was about 24 degrees but the wind made it feel like it was freezing out.  We walked around there for a little bit, took pictures and headed back to the hotel.  Clare couldn't wait to go swimming!

Lake Michigan behind the girls.  The tall building with the 2 spires is the Hancock building.  Later that evening we go there. 

Clare FINALLY was able to get in the pool.  We let her swim for about 30 minutes, then we were headed to the Hancock Building to watch the sunset.

Here we are at the Hancock Building.  Half of the building is full of businesses and the other part is residential.  The observatory level is about 1,000 feet high. 

Watching a movie on how the building was made. 
 Clare is hungry since we hadn't eat supper yet.  She is having some strawberry gelato to hold her off. 

I looked to see when the sun was going to set...6:58PM, so we had some time to kill.  We had breathtaking views from way up high.  Windows were all sides of the building to look out.

Looking west, the sun almost down for the day.
 Clare is getting antsy, making time pass by.
Once the sun was right at the horizon, it disappeared in seconds.  It's just funny that when we look at the sun in the sky or even when we were waiting in the observatory for it to set, it took FOREVER to move, but then gone once the time came.

Taking pictures from of scenes around Chicago.  Below is a picture of a McDonalds.  We actually have some ice cream there the next day.

 Chicago at sunset.  One of my FAV pictures from our trip.  It was neat to watch the city light up in all directions.

As the sun sets, the moon appears over Michigan Lake.  What a full moon it was!!

There were these photo monitors to take your photo and then it would send a copy of it via email.  The kids had fun messing around with this.   

As we were leaving the building, I took the kids picture.  I don't remember this sign when we arrived.
 Time to eat at last!!!  Phil looked for a burger place to eat after we were done.  He read good reviews of M Burger.  Once we got there, we were surprised of the little seating available.  It was more of a pick up and go food establishment.  There were two walls lined up with stools to sit, but with our family of 5 walking in, we took one length of the wall.  The burgers hit the spot after an afternoon of walking and sightseeing.

Day 2 to come......

Patriotic Parade

At the end of Feb., Ruth's preschool held a Patriotic Parade.  It was at an odd time of day and for me to sneak away from work can be a challenge.  So at the last minute, a teacher said she'd cover my class so I could attend.  Ruth didn't know I was coming, so below is a blurry picture of her as she was entering the room.  I didn't have may camera quick enough. 

 She had been singing all of her songs at home forever so today she was able sing her heart out.

This is Ruth's daycare provider with all of the kids.  Lori is such a blessing to take Ruth to preschool 4 days out of the week.  She attends all of the programs at the preschool and brings all of the kids too. 

Time to Sing

Olivia had a music concert last month.  At first I wasn't able to go due to conferences but then it was cancelled due to bad weather.  It was rescheduled a week later, and I was able to go.  Ruth wanted to be in the picture too.  However, she looks like she is ready to do to her dance recital. 

Turning 40

I know this is a little late, but here is a picture taken on my birthday.