Sunday, September 15, 2013


Natalie can do a series of flips...years of gymnastics.

Olivia's first try

Clare worked on her front flip until she stuck the landing.  

Cedar Falls Fun

Late July, the girls and I took a road trip to Cedar Falls to visit my cousin and her family. It was nice to head out of town to visit them since it had been a couple of years.  Michelle and her family usually travel down to DM.  While we were there, we played in their backyard, had smores, had yummy cupcakes from Scratch, which has a location in DM too, played at Palmers Family Fun for a few hours, swam, gabbed for hours catching up.
Hangin' in the new renovated club house.  Natalie picked out the paint colors.
Playing volleyball with the cousins.

Michelle and I relaxing in the club house

Natalie and Clare toasting their marshmallows.

Clare working on her front flip.

Ruth playing mini golf for the first time.

Working on her driving skills in the go-cart.  

Clare's favorite activity at Palmer's.

Ruth LOVED playing with Natalie's American Girl dolls.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

1st Day of Preschool

Ruth has been waiting a LONG year to go to 4 year old preschool.  We chose not to send her when she was 3 since she wasn't shy and she already is VERY social.  The best thing about her going to preschool is our daycare provider will take her and her best friend to school 4 days a week.  I look forward to watching her grow this next year before she heads off to Timber Ridge with Clare.
She picked out her outfit...a little short of a dress and a mixed matched purple sweater.  Oh, well.  I survived by her not wearing the outfit I would have liked her to have worn. 

Phil was able to walk Clare to her first day in 3rd grade.  This usually doesn't happen very often as Phil and I are both back to teaching. 
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