Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Preschool Open House

Ruth's preschool had Open House a while back.  She loved showing me around and also her most favorite station...the craft table.  Everyday she brings home her 'creations' from the day.  I neglected to take more pictures of our time there. 
Her teachers say Ruth is doing wonderful and is a great positive role model.  She is soaking up all of the songs they are singing and learning lots too.  Lately, she is always asking her dad and I to tell her a letter so she can write it down.  I need to take photos of her notebook pages/white board FULL of letters.  Ruth writes her letters well, and I'm impressed with her fine-motor skills.  Her conference will be later this month and I look forward to hearing what her teachers say about her.

Ruth and her teacher Mrs. Keller


A few weeks back, Olivia had a couple of friends come home with her on the bus and they were going to the game together, then spend the night too. 
Clare photo bombing the photo.

2nd try-No Clare

Ruth wanted to join in the photo too.

The BIG 4-0!!!

Phil turned 40 on Monday.  We had a little celebration on Sat. with ice cream cake and gifts.  My cousin came in town for her daughter's gymnastic meet, and so I thought we'd have dinner and cake too.
For his actual birthday, the day was a little more crazy than we would have liked it to have been.  It started off normal...making lunches, eating breakfast, saying goodbyes.  Then at 7:30am, I get in the van and it wouldn't start.  Thankfully, I have wonderful friends, Angie from work came to get Ruth and I.  She dropped Ruth at the sitters, then we even got to work by 8AM.  I called Phil to tell him about the van, and later that morning he called to tell me he was taking the day off to get the van fixed.  We NEED the van for our carpool duties and for all of our running around.  Our night was planned to watch Andrew play football so getting the van to the mechanic wasn't in our schedule tonight.
The van was towed and fixed...battery.  One high point from the day was Phil stopping in at my school to have lunch with me from my favorite places...Chipotle.  I swear, he picked it, not me.
Phil looks forward to watching Andrew play football, which he had a game at 4:30.   Actually, watching Andrew play sports is his favorite thing to do and never misses any of his games whether is be football, baseball or basketball.  Well, I didn't end up going since I came down with a terrible cold and had to stay late for a make-up conference.   A little after 7pm, Andrew walks in the door limping. NOT GOOD!  Phil took him to the clinic, and the doc thinks he pulled or strained his upper thigh muscle.  He was trying to juke and felt the pull.  This happened the first play of the game, so Phil didn't get see Andrew play much football. What a bummer for both.  Hopefully, Andrew will recover quickly so he can play is last game against Urbandale next Monday. 

What a Birthday to remember!!!

Just realized Clare has something covering her teeth.  Hum....wonder where she gets that crazy idea from.