Friday, October 30, 2009

Rollin' Over

Tonight Baby R was just a kickin' and movin' on the floor. She was rolling on her side, so I quickly grabbed the camera to capture her rolling over. Phil had seen her do it about a month ago, but she doesn't do it on a regular basis yet.

Happy Halloween

Cute a Bug

Monday, October 19, 2009

Band Concert

O. had her first band concert tonight. She is playing the flute, which is my old one. The band teacher is standing right in the way, so you can't see her, but I thought I'd let you listen in on one of her songs from the program. I'm very proud of how quickly O. has picked up on playing the flute. For these 5th graders only playing an instrument since school has started, I thought they all played well.

Fancy Footwork

Soccer season is winding down. Only one more game this upcoming weekend. Phil hasn't been able to com to A's games due to him taking grad classes. This past game I video taped some of A's game. This video is of A's fancy footwork resulting in a goal. Unfortunately this was the only goal his team made. **A is wearing a purple shirt with a gold long sleeve.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Go Cowboys

Dan and Phil have been Dallas Cowboy fans since they have been little boys. Dan and Raye bought Cowboy tickets through a fundraising event at their church. They invited Phil and I to join them in a trip to Kansas City as the Cowboys were playing the Chiefs. Grandma Mary watched our kids while we left for KC on Sat. We stayed near the Plaza downtown and then headed to the stadium around 10. Raye, with a help of a friend, had some sweet directions that avoided the traffic on the interstate. We went in the stadium and found our seats, then went closer to the field so the boys could get a close-up view of their favorite team. The game was close call for the Cowboys. Raye and I were very happy with the win so the ride home was a pleasant one.

Homework Time

Here is A doing some homework. Each week he has his usual spelling list to practice, and in addition he has reading, comprehension, fluency, grammar, and math practice sheets to do. Surprisingly, it isn't a struggle to have him work on it. Last year, he dragged to just do spelling.

Why mom??

I was dreading the day to take Miss C in to the doctor for her 5 year old shots. I knew she would put up a fight. I clearly remember her older siblings getting them and not crying at all because they were really excited to know that they would be starting kindergarten soon. Well, she didn't care to know about going to kindergarten next fall. C put up a HUGE fight. Kicking and screaming and having extra help to get them in her. Anyway, now she is ready for school, that is in August of 2010. Once we got in the van to go home, she said to me, "Mom you're my favorite girl, why did you do that to me?" This comment just tore at my heart. Seeing your child go through any kind of pain is just heart wrenching, and even worse when your asks why?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Trick

Look who is 4 months!