Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

3 Months

R. M. wasn't in the mood for her 3 month picture to be taken. No smiles this time. She didn't like sitting in that form-fitting chair infants are photographed in. I hope for her 6 month photos we are able to see the 'true' R. M.

Happy 5th Birthday

You are officially 5 today.

Supper at the Birthday Girl's Favorite restuarant.
C. was excited to have the babysitter decorate her door on her b-day. C. wrote her name but it is difficult to see since she choose to write it in pink. She also wrote the number 5.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fingers and Thumb

Little R. has found her fingers for quiet some time but just recently she has been putting her thumb in her mouth I don't really think she knows what all she is doing, just the fact that chewing on her hands/fists are fun to do. We hope she isn't a thumb sucker, as it is a terrible habit to break. She takes to her pacifier, just like her big sister O. did when she was a baby.

Little R. likes to shake her key rattle.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Cold

Little R has her first cold. You can tell by her eyes that she isn't feeling the best. It all started in her eyes becoming watery and then matted shut. By the end of the week, she developed a horrible cough. I ended up taking the day off to stay home with her on Friday. No fever at this point, which is good b/c we can't give her any medications to help her out. I hope this cold doesn't last much longer for her. It's no fun being sick.

Happy Birthday

C. turns 5 later this week. When C. was asked what theme she wanted for her bday I was surprised to hear she wanted Curious George. She lately has been into Sponge Bob. For her next bday, she wants Sponge Bob, she states. Sat. was a beautiful day to celebrate her special day. However, C.s night ended up in the ER. She woke up around midnight crying that her ear hurt and sure enough, she had a terrible ear infection. It just seems crazy that it came on so fast. The past couple of days she has had cough and her cold settled in her ears. She came home all chipper, WAY different that two hours prior. The nurses gave her a unicorn Beany Baby since her bday was celebrated today. Even when I write this, she still has her hospital ID bracelet on her wrist. She likes that it has her 'numbers' (bday date) on it. I just think that is cute.

Four little monkeys

C. with her cousin

Make a wish

C calls these "two wheels".

A new lego set to put together

Well needed knee and elbow pads to go along with the new roller blades.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quality Time Together

Today was just a gorgeous day here. We made some tortilla sandwiches and head for a park nearby. However, the park had a family reunion there, so we just went to a neighboring school to play and eat lunch.

The kids loved Dad pushing them on the tire swing. He would push it real hard and the kids would just hold on tight asking for him to keep pushing.

C. absolutely loves monkey bars. In a matter of seconds she can climb across. I could never make it across the monkey bars when I was was a kid.

Monkey Girl

Nothing will stop C. from climbing this wall.

At the top

R. slept for most of the time while the kids played.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

3 Months

Baby R is already 3 months. R is full of smiles and coos. She is a really good baby. I guess she has to be with her being the 4th child. She sleeps through about anything and puts up with her siblings holding her non-stop. Since July, she has been sleeping through the night for us. Now, we can put her down around 9, and we have to wake her up at 6:30 to get ready for the sitter. Her favorite things to do are suck on her hands, coo, playing in her gym, swinging, and being talked to. As of now, she doesn't care for much tummy time.

Getting ready for bed.

R loves her gym. She is now able to hit her toys on it.