Tuesday, February 2, 2016

December Recap #5

 Christmas in Maryville
Off to Maryville to celebrate Christmas with Phil's side of the family.  It was a special Christmas because this is the first Christmas for Baby Michael Damien.  He was born November 23.
Star Wars was recently released and Andrew couldn't wait to see the movie.  He and I went to see the movie in Maryville. Surprisingly I didn't fall asleep at the 10 PM showing...it was that good.

Christmas Morning

Christmas at the Farm
Heading to the Big O
Grandma(94) taking her first selfie.  Love it!!
Christmas with Grandma Ann
My mom gave each of the kids a neck pillow.  They thought it was the best gift.
Clare wanting to snow-blow and Ruth shoveling the snow behind.  
Happy New Years

Go Hawks
Hawks played in the Rose Bowl and the energy was contagious leading up to the big game.  However, the game turned sour after the first play and the team didn't have much of a chance to score, losing 45-16.

November Recap #4

 411 Ceremony
In 5th grade, students in Johnston have classes during guidance class called 411 or known as DARE.  A police officer with the department talk to the students about being drug-free, being a good role model for several weeks.  At the end of the class, students wrote an essay on what drug free means to them.  Out of 125 students, Clare's essay was selected to be read at the ceremony with her classmates and parents.  
So proud of Clare

John's 4 
We traveled to Omaha to celebrate John's birthdayHe was so excited to have a house full of family and friends to celebrate his special day that he felt like King of the Jungle.
Adorable cake made by John's grandma, Julie.
Gramma Mary with her little people.
Andrew turned 15

The Dyer's Visit
My friend and her family came to DM for the weekend to go speak at an adoption conference.  While Amber and Matt were at the conference, their children hung out with us for the day.  

Thanksgiving in Cedar Rapids
Phil's side of family were coming to Cedar Rapids to celebrate at his Uncle Mark's house.  There was a house full of family there but we had the best time.  It was wonderful to see some his aunts and uncles we haven't seen in a long time.
Aunt Audrey taking a selfie
Playing heads up
Playing euchre
Turkey time
Phil's mom with her siblings, Virginia, Audrey, Mark and Roger

October Recap #3

Olivia went to homecoming with a group of friends.  She was looking forward to this night and getting all dolled up.  After pictures they went to eat at P.F. Chang's and then headed to the dance.  She LOVED it all and then spent the night at one of the girl's house.  She stayed up WAY too late, but had a blast.

Happy Birthday Phil

Cheer Camp
I signed Ruth to participate in a week long cheer camp through the school. After 4 practices, it was showtime during the 9th grade football game, which Andrew was playing in.  Ruth had so much fun learning the different cheers and can still recite them.

Freshman Football
 Andrew had a blast this year playing football.  He was injured for about a month but came back into his spot, quarterback, for the remainder of the season.  When it was playoffs for varsity, a few freshman were asked to suit up, come to the practices and games.  He thought this was awesome.  Since then, Andrew has been lifting weights with the football team.   This helps him stay in shape while not in a sport in the winter season.

Coach telling Andrew a play
Andrew with a few of his friends

 Pumpkin Patch


Ruth trick or treating a friend in our neighborhood
Gotta have some sugar

September Recap #2

Clare turned 11 and celebrated it with several girls on her softball team.  We went bowling followed with a sleepover too.  It was a perfect way to celebrate on this cold, rainy night. 

Olivia and her friend came to help out with the party.

Birthday Girl

Fall Ball
Clare is now playing on the Johnston Pride.  With a little controversy with breaking away from Johnston Girls softball club team, several parents were ready to make their own team.  Now, Clare will be with the same group of girls for the next few years and have a consistent coach too.