Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time 4 School

The kids started school on Thursday, Aug. 16th.   This week was extremely busy with Phil and I going back to work(prof. dev.), attending 5 Open Houses (one for the 3 in school and Phil and I had our own at our schools too) in the evenings, and then Andrew had football, baseball practice and Clare had softball practice.  Can you say OH, MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!  THANKS to my mom who stayed with us this past week to help watch the kids while Phil and I worked.  She was also a HUGE help by watching Ruthie when we were gone in the evenings.  The bonus thing with was she cooked 4 complete meals for us each and every night and made desserts too.  We were totally spoiled this past week.   Not sure how we are going to make it next week.??????????

Our plates are going to be FULL this year.  The kids are in 3 different buildings and are in more activities too.  Olivia will start volleyball on Monday and will start her two dance classes in Sept.  Andrew is officially done with baseball, but has started football.  Clare began gymnastics in the summer and is continuing during the school year.  She also tried out for competitive softball and has practices during the week, along with tournaments on the weekend this fall.  Poor Ruth, she will be dragged around to all of the kids activities.  It is a good thing she LOVES to play with other kids and make friends easily.

8th Grade-13 yrs
6th Grade-11 yrs
2nd Grade-7 yrs
Ruth wishes she was going to school too- 3 yrs

The Summer Isn't Over Yet

My cousin Michelle wanted to come down sometime this summer so her family could join us to a trip out to Adventure Land.  We hadn't been there in two years, so it was time.  Between her busy summer and ours, we had one week that was available.  The weather ended up being absolutely perfect too.  Here are several pictures from our day. 

Lady Luck
The Raging River-Michelle got wet the most.

"I see you."

Ruth couldn't get enough of Frog Hopper.  She rode this over and over, again.  Several times, butting up in line.  I lost count of how many times she rode it.  I'd say at least 15 times.
Olivia looks like she is saying some prayer before getting shot up in the air.

Olivia practicing her driving skills.  She can't wait to start driving when she is 14, which less than a year away.  YIKES!!!
Andrew sharing some yummy funnel cake with his cousin, Kip.
Just chilling after some rides.  Joe needs time to get his stomach back to normal after riding the Silly Silo twice.
We had to coax Luke to ride the airplanes with Ruthie.  Luke is 7 and didn't want to ride the kiddie rides this year.  But we told him he was able to control the up and down movement of the plane and that did the trick. 
All the kids but missing Brett:-(  He isn't a fan of the rides, so he stayed home.

 After our trip here, school is less than a week away.  Where did the summer go???

Trip to Minnesota

The first weekend in August, we took a trip to the Twin Cities.  Phil and I were asked to be the Godparents for Phil's high school buddy's little girl, Mallory.  While we were up there, we stayed at the Mall of a America Waterpark Hotel.  And of course spent some time at the Mall too. 

The lifeguards showing their moves during pool check.

Olivia and I headed to the MOA for girl time.  She found a couple of things for school.

One evening Phil's good friend, Charlie, and his kids met up with us at the Mall of America.  We spent the evening riding the rides at the Nickelodeon Universe.  

Our main reason for coming up Minnesota was to attend Mallory's baptism.  It was wonderful to spend time with the Scobba family and to meet and hold our Goddaughter for the first time.  She is such a sweetie.  We look forward to watching her grow.
Charlie, Tracy, along with us, Mallory and Melissa, Tracy's sister.
Clare holding Mallory.  Clare's Godparent's are Charlie and Tracy.