Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Neighborhood Shovelers

It has been snowing all day today.  When I got home, Clare and her friend were out shoveling our neighbors' driveways.  Clare is all about working and earning some money.  They each cashed in with $8.50. 

The big question will be IF we have school in the morning.  We are in a winter-storm warning til tomorrow morning at 6am.  Winds are to start blowing all of that snow everywhere in the night.  Us teacher are hoping for a late start if anything.  NO more Snow Days!!!!! 

Can't Be Possible

Here is our Little Ruthie in June of 2009.  It doesn't seem possible that we have less than 80 days in our school year and then summer break.  Tonight WAS to be our busiest night of the week... I WAS to have PT conferences, Olivia WAS to have a chorus concert, Andrew WAS to have a basketball game and one of top of it all, Phil or I WAS to attend a Kindergarten meeting at her school in the fall.  Can you hear my crying?  Our baby will be going to school 6 months!!!  This sounds so crazy!!!! 

Last week, I called the school to say we couldn't go to the meeting due to me having conferences and Phil need to be at Olivia's chorus concert, which is a BIG deal this time around.  I will post on it at a later time.  So the paperwork was sent home with Clare last week.  After filling out all of the necessary forms and copying some documents, the registration packet was ready to go back to Timber Ridge.
As it turns out, the everything was cancelled tonight due to the 3-4 inches of snow and it is still snowing.  The good thing is, the kindergarten paperwork was turned in and Ruth will be ready to start school in the fall, minus the shots she still needs but that will come when she turns 5 in June. 

Now I will be able to go to Olivia's chorus concert rescheduled for next Monday and my Parent-Teacher conferences will be next Tues.  Andrew's game has yet to be rescheduled.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Music Concert

Clare had her music concert this past week.  The theme was bugs.  It just so happened that I had the perfect Bee costume.  My mom made a shirt for Andrew's music concert when he was in 2nd grade and he too was a bee.  I never got rid of it because I thought there could be a chance we would need it for Clare or even Ruth. 

For fun, here is Andrew in 2nd grade


Clare played organized basketball for the first time this year.  Her team consisted both 3rd and 4th graders.  Even though she hasn't been on a team before, she plays a lot during recess and in the neighborhood.  She loves getting the ball and making a shot.  I can see her continuing to play basketball as she gets older.

Literacy Night

Last week, Ruth's preschool had an evening for the families to come eat and also do some literacy activities.  After eating with her BFF, we (Ruth, Clare and I) moved on to all the different stations. Surprisingly, the girls didn't stay hooked by the hip all night.

Listening to her teacher tell a story using the felt board-Billy Goat Gruff.

Then Ruth telling her version of The Mitten by Jan Brett

Ruth made a book to take home.  She designed the covers and then blank pages filled the inside.

At circle time, Ruth sits on the boat.  She wanted her picture taken by 'her' spot.

Letter fishing-each fish had a letter on it.  I would say a letter and she would ''fish" for it.

Rhyming Bingo-we need to work on her rhyming before school in the fall.