Monday, May 26, 2014

New Ride

One of Ruth's new presents was a new bike.  Ruth was so excited to get a bike.  All day she was up and down the street riding it.  With Phil and I home from school this week, I think we will be outside lots.

Ten Years and One Week Apart

My oldest and youngest celebrated their birthdays this past weekend.  With graduations, end of the school year, Memorial weekend, and baseball it's hard to plan when to have their birthday celebrations.  Since we are busy next weekend, we had family and friends join us this past Saturday to celebrate Olivia turning 15 and Ruth turning 5. Here are a few pictures taken of their party.

My nephews came after their baseball games.  Not sure what Clare is doing.

 Time for gifts.
Love her expression when she would open each gift.

 Then cake

Olivia picked out the colors and the design.

Grandma loves having all of her little people in a picture.  Sometimes it is hard to get everyone all together.

A high school friend of mine who lives in town came over for the celebration.  I noticed later, I'm wearing a lovely bead necklace from Ruth.
My friend Kristin brought her two girls to the party.
Gramma Mary with the girls.
The birthday girls with Great Grandma and Grandma.
Olivia with Great Grandma and her sister.
I didn't get photos of the girls with their aunts and uncles that were also in attendance but here is baby C.

Preschool Graduation

The day arrived and our youngest child graduated from pre-school this past week.  Ruth couldn't wait to have her graduation.  On our way to daycare in the mornings, she would sing to me the various songs she was going to perform at the program.  She absolutely LOVED going to school and was a great learner.  I think she liked it even better because her BFF from daycare also went to the same school.  After the kids sang their songs to us, then it was time to get their certificate of completion.  The teachers gave Ruth a Bible and also a personalized book Ruth had created throughout the year.  It will be one of those precious keepsakes I love to have.  Then the watched a slide show of all of the pictures the teachers had taken this year, and finished up with some tasty treats and desserts. 
Processing into the room and going to get set on stage to perform.

The kids sang a bunch of their preschool songs to us parents.
"I did it!!!  Kindergarten here I come!"

Ruth will miss her BFF next school year.  The girls will be going to different schools.