Sunday, October 23, 2011

My kids, enough said!!

4 Years Ago...

our family moved to Urbandale. Just this past week, I asked Andrew if it has seemed longer since we'd lived here and he thinks so. He has gone to school longer here in Johnston than he did in the GW area. The memories from GW/Malvern are fading for him. Which is sad b/c that is where he was born, first home, friends, left our family in the Omaha area. In these four years the kids have grown so much. Their network of friends has grown compared to where we lived before. Even though Phil and I weren't sure of our move at first, we don't look back. We moved so our kids would have more opportunity in a bigger school setting. The kids absolutely LOVE it here, we have wonderful neighbors, live on a quiet street with kids to play with, great jobs, and family near by, and little to travel for work.

2007-When we first moved here, Olivia was in 3rd grade, Andrew first and Clare just turned 3 years old.
2011-Andrew in 5th grade, Clare in 1st grade, Olivia in 7th, and Ruthie is 2 years old.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Pumpkin Patch Afternoon

I took the two younger girls to Patches Pumpkins. They absolutely LOVED it. We haven't been to this particular one before. It was perfect for them. They had a ton of fun and stayed there for about 3 hours.

How tall are you girls?

Walking in the straw maze.

Playing in the corn pit.

Ruth had this bounce house to herself before it got busy.

Cow train ride around the patch.

Hayrack ride.

Petting zoo

About ready to go but not before we have some cotton candy.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Visitors

Dan, Raye, Joseph and Gramma Mary came for the day last Sunday. It had been since May since Phil's brother's family had been here. The kids love getting to see them and play with little Joseph. I think Joseph enjoys the attention too.

Clare holding her new DVD from Raye, Dan and Joseph.

Saying our good-byes. The next time we'll see them will be in November when their baby arrives.

Clare Turns 7!!

Hard to believe Clare is 7 already. When we first moved here to DM, she just turned 3.
Below Clare is opening some gifts that came in the mail.

Celebrating with her friends at Chucky Cheese.

Then another celebration with Grandma Ann and my brother's family.