Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Bye Thumb

It has 1 month since C has stopped sucking her thumb. This is HUGE!!!! On Dec. 28th, we went to the dentist and talked about C needing to stop sucking her thumb, which she did at night time. Phil and I said some encouraging words to her at bedtime, and C. managed to not suck her thumb. Phil and I would check her at night and it wouldn't be in her mouth. We couldn't believe it. We really didn't do any bribing but we said we'd take her to Dairy Queen if she could keep it up. One month later, we made our trip to DQ. She asked for a cookie dough blizzard.

Ice cream still tastes good with 20 degree weather.

"I did it!!!!" Doesn't she look really proud of herself?

I ordered a small but she quickly piped up and said she wanted a medium. Surprisingly she did eat most of it. However on the way home she said she didn't feel good.

Two weeks ago, C. asked for her nails to be painted. She is showing the pink polish that is still on her thumb. Before she would ask to take off the polish on her thumb at bedtime.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Girls

Mary and I share the same birthday-Feb. 22. We went ahead and celebrated it this weekend since I'm not sure when we'd all get together with busy schedules and the unpredictable winter weather.

Picture Time

After church I always try to get a few family pictures before everyone changes out of into more comfy clothes.

Play Tiime

We were finally able to go to Omaha to see Dan and Raye. Gramma Mary drove up too so that we could celebrate Christmas.
The big kids and little kids all like playing the Wii.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Following Dad's Footsteps

Now with the kids getting older, they are paying more attention to what us parents are doing these days. A. became more interested in football this year since we watch a lot of Hawkeye games and root for the Cowboys when on TV. Just like when I first started watching football with Phil, I asked a million questions. Now, A is constantly asking questions and talking football talk to Phil. Whenever the Cowboys are on, A. supports his team with his new jersey and Phil pulled out his old Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith jerseys to wear during the playoffs. Today, our cheering wasn't strong enough as the Vikings pulled out a huge win over the Cowboys.

Play Date

My friend, Tammy, from high school and her family came over today for a visit and also for our kids to play together. C. was really excited to have friends come play with her. For those who know C, she is not a girly, girl. BUT today, she was. She put on her pretty princess necklace from her birthday and also wore two bracelets. She keeps a couple of her jewelry pieces in my jewelry box and at first she couldn't find a necklace. She asked to wear one of mine. I thought was pretty funny coming from C.

A-3 1/2, C-5, S-18months

Let's Play

Little R likes her new toy from 'Santa'. It has lots of blinking lights and music to keep her busy. Songs and music play along with her hitting various parts of the toy to add to the songs. It is funny watching her look in the mirror, and she goes real close to it staring at herself or even kissing it. Here are a couple of the classic baby tunes that are on her toy; "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes", "If You're, Happy and You Know It." It is a perfect toy for her now that she is sitting up.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

7 months

Seven months today for RM.
If you look closely at the first photo, you can see R's two bottom teeth. She is an eating machine.