Friday, November 2, 2012

Catching Up

These days it is hard to get a picture of Andrew without him playing in a sport.  One weekend, we actually hung out together more than usual to work on a project for school.  Anyway, Phil and I have noticed how much taller Andrew is getting.  He use to be about a head shorter than Olivia.  Well, Olivia is a little taller than me but I wanted to see how close he is to me with my height.  Olivia took the picture and as you can tell, he is catching up with me. 

Social Studies project

Happy Halloween

Grandma Ann came up over the weekend and brought the kids a goodie bag FULL of Halloween treat for the kids.

Clare wanted to be a pirate this year for Halloween.  Of course I had a pirate costume for her to wear when she was younger but never wore it.  So we bought a new one.  Since I had a mini-pirate costume at hand, I thought Ruth could use it.  Ruth could have been a princess with all of her dress-up clothes and she is a girly girl.  BUT she quickly agreed to be the same as her sister. 

Clare's friend went Trick-or-Treating with us.