Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ruthie Turns 6

Ruthie turned 6 on June 3rd.  It doesn't seem possible that our "baby" is 6.  Thinking back 6 years ago, school just let out for me, I was on day 1 of summer vacation, had a doctor appt. and planting flowers in the afternoon.  I felt some tightness across by belly but just kept on working.  As the evening progressed, by 10:30 pm we decided to take the older 3 kids to my brothers to stay the night.  By the time we drove to the hospital and checked in, I had Ruth Margaret by 3 pm.

Ruth had her first little friend birthday party and she didn't have to share it with her big sister Olivia either.  But first she opened her gifts from us and her grandparents.

Notice a change in outfits.  Ruth loves to switch her outfits out in a day.  Apparently she liked the new outfit I picked out for her.
Ruth was so excited for her birthday party.  However, she didn't like waiting all day to see her friends.  She invited 5 of her friends to come celebrate her birthday.  Ruth had never made a Build-A-Bear, even though we have several in our home already.  I thought it would be fun for her to have a party there.  All of the parties she had been invited to over the year had been very girly and dress-up like, so I was wanting something different. 

Time for some FUN...sword fight!!
She named her bear Jewel and her outfit is a white wedding dress.
It's my BIRTHDAY!!

After Build-A-Bear, Ruth was still celebrating her b-day.  Aunt Sara and cousins had to come over before the day ended to give Ruth her gift.  What a LATE night we all had celebrating Ruth's 6th birthday.  It was sure a birthday to remember too.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Slide Into Summer

Not too many people know Clare gave up softball in the fall of 2013.  She played on a select team when she was 8 years old and had a blast. Well, come July of 2013, she had to move up to 10U and that was a struggle.  The skill level increased and Clare's love of softball went down in the toilet.  She was the youngest girl on her team, the only 3rd grader, new coaches to get use to and then found the game boring. At the time, not a lot of action was in the field and Clare struggled to hit as well.  She was use to her coach pitching and not kid pitch.  Phil and I had her finish her fall season of softball but in November of 2013, she said she didn't want to play softball anymore.  Phil and I didn't like that she was not going to play because she is a good athlete.  We couldn't force her.  So Clare didn't touch softball for 9 months.  We didn't even sign her up for rec softball in town either.  Then early July of 2014, Clare out of the blue said, "When are those softball tryouts?"  Phil and I were like "WHAT!!" It turned out tryouts were the next day.  Phil went to Target to get her a bat that night.  The next morning we bought cleats, a new glove and went to the field for a little practice.  Tryouts were hours away.  After paying the late registration fee, off she went to tryout.  We weren't sure how she would do after not playing for so long.  Weeks had passed and we learned Clare made the Johnston Purple team.  Which is the 2nd best team.  We were ok with that. 

Clare started playing fall ball with her 10U Purple team.  Once again, wonderful coaches, teammates,  parents and Clare's passion for softball started to come out.  Phil and I were pleased with how much she improved in the sport or matured with the game.  The year off, did her good. 

Over the weekend, Clare had the opportunity to play for the Johnston Dragon Gold team in a tournament.  Her former coach from 8U,  Eric, asked us if she was available to play with his team.  We knew Clare would love to play with the team and some of her other friends.   Clare fit in nicely with the team and was a welcomed addition for the weekend.  The girls played in 6 games and about 12 hours of softball.  With great teamwork, positive coaching, heart and soul into the game, the girls pulled off the final win, 2-1 with Ankeny Crush.

Look at those pink trophies!

Two Peas in a Pod

As my brother's family was headed out from celebrating Olivia's birthday, Sara(SIL) wanted a picture of Clare and Brett since they were both wearing neon yellow.  These two are only 6 months apart (Brett is older and in the next grade above Clare) and are two peas in a pod.  They are both LOVE their mama, feisty, smart, creative, athletic and always have a great time together.

Clare will go in spells and ask to play with Brett anytime she gets a chance.  She loves that he will play sports with her, go into the woods (even though poison ivy is there) to play, jump on the trampoline, play video games, etc.  They get along so well and are lucky that we live so close to them (only 1 mile away).
Their serious look.

Sweet Sixteen

Our sweet Olivia Marie turned 16 this past week.  Can't even believe Phil and I have a 16 year old now.  It seemed like yesterday I had her in the hospital.  She was an easy going baby,  slept through the night in 6 weeks, so fun to be entertained by her, loved watching her grow into a young lady.  Now our baby is driving on her own!!!

Olivia's birthday is always at a busy, crazy time with school ending, ball games and Memorial weekend activities too.  My mom came up to help watch Ruth and Clare while Phil and I finished our school year.  Johnston schools were done a week before us.  I'm so thankful my mom was able to help out.  Not only does she help with the kids but always has food ready to serve when we all get home.  For Olivia's birthday, Grandma made pulled pork sandwiches, cheesy potatoes (Olivia's FAV), pineapple, strawberries too and lemonade to drink.
The Birthday Girl!!
Pretty decorations for her special day.
My brother's family came over for supper and celebrated with us.
Olivia wanted cookie dough Dairy Queen cake for her birthday.