Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Donuts

After church, we had donuts at the church hall. The kids love donuts anytime they can get. Ruthie isn't a fan of eating foods that are bread-like such as pizza crust, grill cheese, dinner rolls, toast etc. She has tried donuts a few times and is starting to like them...a little. Today she ate the sprinkles off and then some of the rest.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A SCENTsational Night

My good friend Amber from Glenwood came to DM on Friday with her son Brock. She is a Scentsy consultant, and I had a party while she was in town for a wrestling tournament. Her husband is the head coach for the Glenwood team, and she always goes to the matches to support the Rams. I don't host many parties very often, but I thought it wouldn't hurt. Not many of my co-workers had heard of Scentsy and thought they may like their products as much as I. Last year for my birthday, Amber gave me a warmer and some scented wax. Since then I have bought several different scents and have enjoyed the aroma throughout the house. I like the scent of candles but with children around in the house, I never have any out anymore. It is VERY child friendly, which I LOVE, and I like all the different styles of scents. You don't have to have 5 different huge candles to burn through, which takes forever to go use up a candle.

Anyway, the party was a success thanks to my co-workers, family and friends for stopping by and purchasing some of their favorite items. Food + good company = Fun

Clare was SOOO excited to see Brock. They haven't seen each other since summer. Brock brought his penguin pillow pet so they carried their pets around the house.

Going DOWN!!!

Flying around the house with their blanket capes.

Brock loved dancing to Just Dance 2 wii game. Walk Like an Eygptian was a favorite of his.

Just Dance

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Looking Out the Window...

Ruthie sees here brother and sister having a good time playing in the snow. She is thinking "I want to go out too...please." Since the weather was decent, I bundled her up and headed out to play.

Our first snowman of the year.

Ruthie played in the snow for the first time today. I didn't have snow boots or pants to use so I had her wear a couple of layers of pants. The temperature was actually warm enough to play outside in the snow. She liked scooping it up and even eating or licking it. GROSS!!!

Making a fort

I looked out the front window and see that the kids and Phil are having a snowball fight.

Clare hiding behind the neighbors snow pile.

Andrew was just hit with a snowball from his dad.

First Oreo

After I ran some errands, Ruthie was a little fussy and thought she needed a 'cookie'. I got out the bag of animal crackers and she said "no". Olivia was right there with us and said, "She wants an Oreo." Olivia got out the Oreos and said "cookie" to Ruthie and she eagerly replied "YES." Apparently Olivia had given her one earlier in the day. Ruth LOVED them of course. It is hard to keep her from having so many sweets with three older siblings.