Saturday, February 28, 2015

Princess Birthday Parties

Ruth had two birthday parties this week.  She had a blast at both of them.  Both involved putting on make-up, getting nails painted and getting hair in an up-do. 

The first party the girls got all fancied up with hair and make-up, then were able to put a pretty dress and walk the runway. 
Ruth twirling with the birthday girl.

Then her next party was at a hair salon.  The girls again had their nails painted and their hair put up in fancy braids, topped off with glitter and sparkles.

First Tooth is Out

While I make dinner, Ruth gets a little hungry and wants a snack.  So she started to eat her cheese stick and all of a sudden she started crying and covering her mouth.  I wasn't sure what happened and she kept saying she was sorry.   What happened was as she bit down with her front teeth, it made her 2 bottom teeth loose.  At first she freaked out and I reassured her everything was ok.  This all happened a week ago.  So this past Tuesday morning as she was brushing her teeth, she started crying because her tooth had fallen out.  There was some blood and that worried her as well.  After a few minutes she was all good and took her tooth to school so she could pick out a little treasure box to put her tooth in. 

Johnston vs. Urbandale

Andrew's basketball team played Urbandale a couple of weeks back.  I don't go to a lot of Andrew's games since it is right at dinner time and then bringing all the girls can be work.  I feel they watch a lot of Andrew's baseball games in the summer and sitting on bleachers 2-3 times a week is a little much.  I went to this game because Phil had parent conferences, and I also stayed and watched my nephew, Kip, play.  Andrew and Kip didn't play against each other since they are on different teams at each respective school.

Here a few pictures from the game.  Andrew is number #12.

Ruth had a great time playing on the railing near our seats.  That entertained her for most of the game.

 Mom take another picture with this pose.
 Watching #3 playing...Kip

Andrew with some of his basketball buddies. We think Andrew is tall for being 5'8" but when he stands next to his friends, he doesn't seem as tall.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  The girls had something special planned for Phil and I but I didn't take a picture of it.  But I'll share the details.  Clare wanted Phil and I to come downstairs in the morning.  When we opened our bedroom door, red and white streamers were taped over the door way and also in the kitchen.  The table had two bowls with Cheerios in them, a sweet card, and name cards "Mom" and "Dad".  Clare and Ruth woke up at 6:30 am to plan this little surprise for us.  Clare doesn't know how to work her alarm clock well, instead she used her book timer to wake her up.  How cute is that!

Here are two of my Valentine's!!  They were excited to open their gifts.  No waiting for Olivia and Andrew.

Ruth checking out her new shirt.
Clare LOVES her neon, so new elite socks were fitting.
Ruth posing with her new outfit on and Clare in the background laughing at her pose.
For breakfast the kids had special Valentine donuts from Krispy Kreme.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Clare and I spent the evening together tubing at a local sport facility.  With our recent snowfall, there was plenty on the ground. The temperature was actually warm today, in the 40's, but the slopes were good.

These tubes are WAY better than any I have ever bought for the kids to go sledding with.

So nice not having to walk up the slope.

About to head down the slope.
Time to go, my feet are getting cold after 2 hours.

Time to Dance

We haven't been to a wedding in YEARS!!!  and the time we do get an invite, we receive two with the wedding on the exact same day, Saturday, January 31.  Go figure!!   So we decided to split up, Phil would go to the one here in DM, since he worked with the bride and I'd travel to SW Iowa to see a dear friend's son get married.

As it turned out, the weather last Saturday was terrible.  We were planning on getting 10 inches of snow and traveling would be not be wise.  So, the girls and I stayed put here in DM.  I was so bummed for not being able to go.

We all ended up going to the wedding here in the rain.  But when we left there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground at 9:30.  Driving home wasn't fun, taking 30 minutes on snow packed highways. 

Seemed like a date night with us getting all dressed up.
My girls

My beautiful daughter and I
One of the many dances they had together.
Ruth and her new friend.
Ruth had the BEST time dancing at the wedding.  She kept asking to dance with the lady in the white dress.  And yes, she did dance with Sarah, the bride a lot.  Ruth got so hot, she took off her socks and put a ponytail in her hair.  She is wanting us to sign her up for dancing class now.   I've been putting this off doing because it means more running around to do.  But I know it is time to put Ruth in some activities.  She sure puts HER time in for going to all of her siblings games.


Andrew too, is playing basketball-8th grade.  On away games, he has to dress-up for school.  Last year, he didn't have to wear a tie so we went shopping for new clothes.  He likes looking sharp :-)

Last Game

Today marked the last game for Clare's basketball team.  Here team was undefeated too.  Now our Friday evenings & Saturday mornings are free.... for awhile that is.