Friday, February 17, 2012

Poor Thing

My baby is sick again for the 2nd time this month. When we got home from the sitter, she was acting not herself...all bubbly, non-stop talking. She just wanted to sit in my lap. Soon, I noticed her shivering and hot. Once again, a fever has set in for the evening. She took a cat nap after the Dyer visit. I hope feels better soon.

GW Friends Visit

Friends from Glenwood were in town and stopped by for a visit. We haven't seen each other since May. Clare and B. had a great time playing while I enjoyed my time catching up with Amber.

Dinner time

My Girls

This photo was taken in the morning before school this week. Clare wanted her hair in a pony tail. Ruthie also wanted her hair up in pretties.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Sweet Valentines

Our morning started about 15 minutes earlier than usual today since I had to go to a meeting, which I needed more travel time. The kids woke up to their Valentine gifts at the kitchen table this morning along with doughnuts for breakfast.

Then Phil had an extra long day with conferences but on his way home he stopped and picked up 4 roses for his special ladies.

Using the roses like microphones.

Clare with her new lady bug and Valentine box.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Dance

Olivia likes to dance playing the wii game Just Dance. Ruth follows her and often asks to dance. She holds the wii remote and 'thinks' she is dancing. Ruth's dancing is usually a sway back and forth and a spin or two.

Sweet 'Pupcakes'

Valentine's Day is around the corner so I felt the need to bake something sweet. I didn't spend time making sugar cookies this time around. Instead the girls and I made angel food cupcakes. Just the right size for the kids. Phil and the other hand eats 2 at a time.

Olivia is currently taking a cooking class at school and has made several different things in it. I thought this would fun for her to use what she has been learning with reading directions/steps. They turned out great!

Clare is the one who calls cupcakes 'pupcakes' at our house. She wasn't interested in helping this morning.

Ruth thought the batter was hot. Angel food cake's batter does taste a little different.

This is what is left a few hours later. The pan was full.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Finally...SNOW to Go Sledding.

Clare received a new snow tube for Christmas to go sledding. She was dieing to get it out and use it but lately, there hasn't been enough snow to use it. Saturday it snowed plenty for the kids to play in. Right after church, we all suited up to go sledding at the nearby sled hill.

Andrew was envious of her new ride and had to ride it too...almost every time that is. HA

Making sure they hit the jump.

Olivia liking the snow after all. The past couple of years, she hasn't wanted to play in the snow...too cold, she says. But today she was out in it for over 2 hours.

All excited and ready to go back up the hill.

Ruth not sure what to think about this sledding thing.

I took Ruth down the hill with me for the first time. She liked her ride(s) down but didn't care for the trips up the hill in the sled.

Clare making a run down.


My little snowbunny...Olivia.

Clare is getting hot with all of the exercise.
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Olivia wanted to take little Ruthie down in the hill. Making memories together.

This is the first time this year to break out the snowboard on the hill too. Andrew didn't use it much because he thought it went too slow.

Hangin' Out with Clare

Before church this morning, the girls had time to play, which was a chasing game.

Posin' time

Where is Olivia?

Ruth is always wanting to know where her sisters are at. Last night Ruth went to find Olivia and here is what she was doing before bedtime. I was trailing behind Ruth and overheard Ruth say, "I wanna read in my bed." She quickly went to go get some books and got all comfy in her bed, just like her Big Sis. Just precious!! I love how much Ruth wants to be with her sisters.

What has Ruth been up to lately?

Ruth ABSOLUTELY loves bath time. She likes to put color tints the water and a little bubble bath to splash around in. Here dad gave her a bath and gave Ruth a beard.

Ruth has been busy playing in her kitchen cooking dinner. Sometimes she sneaks water from the fridge and puts it in her pots.

I dug up some old toys/games that Ruth can possibly play with. She likes to find matches with the cards.