Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Little Fish

C. is finishing up her swimming lessons this week. I managed to get a few pictures before they are over. I didn't get photos of O. and A. in their lessons. I forgot my camera, what was I thinking.

Getting ready to blow bubbles in the water.

C. knows that mom is taking photos during her lessons. She does a shout out for me to snap a photo.

Playing Red Light, Green Light while working on their kicks.

Jumping in the water when the instructor calls out a color that the child is thinking about. C. was thinking about the color orange.

The best part at the end of class is making a train with the noodles. C. is the caboose.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

O.'s box is covered with red,pink, and purple rhinestones. Hobby Lobby has the best stuff for projects. She typed her name on the computer with fancy Valentine font.

A. wanted to make a butterfly out of his box. Pink shaped hearts with red glitter polka dots are the wings, googly eyes for the eyes, a heart for the nose, and pipe cleaners for the antennas.

C. didn't need a box for school but wanted to make something crafty. She also wanted a butterfly, and made hers out of a paper towel tube.

Getting ready to open their Valentine's

O. loves music, so a new CD was a perfect.

You Rock!! A candy ipod.

C. likes to play A.'s DS so a new game for C. to play on it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Take Off

What a beautiful February day it was today! Having 60 degree temperatures, what more could you ask for but a bike ride. Out of the blue, C. asked Phil to take off her training wheels off her bike. C. likes to help out with the tools and off they came. Phil got her all set up in the street, and gave her a little push and off she went. When I came home from work, Phil pulled out the camera and showed me the video he took of her. I just couldn't believe it! She just rode off without any wibbles or wobbles. Turning will need some practice but with her determination, she'll get it figured out.
As C. was taking off, a neighbor came out of their house to cheer C. on with her new accomplishment. C. has some skills as the neighbors all say.

February 10

Don't worry, no cars are coming.

I'm free!!!!!!!

23 weeks and counting

Within the past week, I am REALLY feeling pregnant. My belly just seems to be huge at this point, and I have a long way to go. At 23 weeks, I look like I did at about 35 weeks with the other three kids. I know by the fourth child I should pop out early on, but boy, I'm uncomfortable at times. I'm glad with my job, I stand for the majority of the time. The baby is constantly kicking and when I sit, everything is pushed up. Sleeping...those who have been pregnant know sleeping on your side gets old REAL fast. I wake up with my arms/shoulders aching. 17 more weeks of this.
Over the weekend, I laid down and had the kids feel for the baby to move. It was soooo cute. First O. put her hands on my belly and when she felt the baby move, her eyes just lit up with a smile. She said, "I felt the baby move!" C. then ran to put her little hands across my belly. She was concentrating real hard to feel the baby, and all of a sudden, the baby moved her hands. She cheered out,"The baby bumped up my hands!" C. was just tickled pink feeling her sister move her little hands. By the time A. wanted to feel the baby, she really didn't move much. So he just took them off. Kids don't have a lot of patience.
Now, my students at school are noticing the baby getting bigger. One girl said today,"Your baby is growing." Then a boy said I'm getting fatter. Obviously he doesn't know that that isn't polite to say to a woman. But he is the same boy that when I told my students I'm pregnant, he said, "There is one problem Mrs. Nord, you're not fat."

23 weeks, 3 days