Monday, January 26, 2009

And the Baby is a ....

Today Phil, Clare and I went to my 21 week check up. We were looking forward to this appointment not only to see the if everything is going well with the pregnancy but also to find out the gender of the baby.
The sonogram tech took a lot of measurements and we were able to get a view of the gender but Phil and I both didn't saying anything yet aloud. We were trying to be quiet so Clare didn't hear the gender and spoil it for the siblings. It was later confirmed. The view of the gender was very clear.

Dad waiting to be called back to the sonogram room.

Here is our baby.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Half Way There

Today is a big day, I'm halfway through this fourth pregnancy, 20 weeks left to go. Overall it has been easy. No morning sickness or loss of appetite. In the first trimester, I was extremely tired. I think that was a mix of working 40+ hours a week, being a mother of three children, and a wife. I wore myself down in November, with a cold that lasted for three weeks, but other than that, I'm great.

I just started to wear maternity clothes on a daily basis. I'm starting to look a little more pregnant and not just a pudgy belly.

October 13- 5 weeks

December 6-13weeks,6 days

Jan. 19-20 weeks

I put another baby ticker at the bottom of my blog. There are so many different kinds out there and my friend Amber gave me this site.

Sharing the News

After Christmas break, I thought it was time to share the 'baby news' to my staff and students. I saw pink and blue M & M's at the Factory Card Store a while back and thought they would be perfect to make M & M cookies for school. Teachers love having goodies brought to the lounge.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sledding in the U's Winter Park

On Saturday, we all went sledding, or I should say Phil and the kids did, while I was the photographer on the side.

A. going over the picnic table as a ramp. He did
wipe out at the landing.

Waving to Mom at the side of the hill.

Wipe out!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ceiling Goes In

I'm trying to be helpful. I assisted Phil with putting up the main beams.

Phil made sure everything was leveling out.

The measuring is finished. Phil had to make sure the height from the floor to the frame was the same all around the room. He also had to measure across 2 feet per rail and hung the rails with ties.

The tiles are in and now 6 lights are installed. There was only one single light before we started.

The lights work and all that is left is lowering the vent to the ceiling level.

Just another view.

Viola, all complete now. The room was partially finished when we moved in. The ceiling wasn't finished nor a closet installed. Wendelin came up over Christmas break and encouraged Phil to put in the ceiling. The next day, Phil went out and bought all of the supplies needed to get the job done. Phil knew he could do it, but the extra push put him in the mood to do it. It was a quick little project. Now the spare room doesn't seem like a dungeon anymore.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve 2008

Here are the kids, along with my nephews ringing in the New Year.

Favorite Things

Santa brought C a trumpet. C's friend B has one and she always wants to play it while visiting.

A made this snowman in his class for Phil and I. It is very cute and will definitely hang out with us this winter.

A loves to build things with Legos and creates new designs out of them too.

A has been wanting a Nintendo DS for sometime now and he finally got one. I'm not sure who likes it more, his dad or A.

Favorite Things

O likes to take pictures is was always using my camera, so it was time to get her one. We are just hoping she takes care of it.

Christmas Surprise

Phil and I were looking forward to Christmas morning. That is when O, A and C found out that they are going to have another baby brother or sister. When they came downstairs they questioned the fourth stocking. Olivia read the note from Santa. In his note it said,

"I am sure you are wondering about this fourth stocking,
In not too long, you all will be rocking,
A new baby sister or brother,
With siblings like you who would bother,
To doubt that this new little one will be treasured,
I know there is love in this house that cannot be measured.

Come soon, the baby will be here in June."

Here I am 17 weeks along.