Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter Party

Today I was able to go to Ruth and Clare's Winter Party at school.  I can't even remember the last time I've ever gone to one of their parties.  Usually I'm at my school having a party in my room as well.  Since my district has already dismiss for Christmas, I was able to go to theirs.  Now we are off for two weeks!!  SWEETNESS!!!
Making an edible snowman.
Mrs. Smith and Ruth
Mrs. Weyers' and Clare

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tis the Season for Baking

Ruthie, Clare and I spent the weekend making sugar cookies.  I only made two batches and that made plenty.  Today we frosted all of the trees, bells and star cookies.  Ruthie became a little frustrated for not being able to frost very well, but realized she is a pro at sprinkles.  Clare also helped out after her softball game.  I saved some for her to frost.  Ruth would eat a cookie or two in between frosting and would say, "Oh, these taste soooooo good, "  and they are.  We some to eat now and then saved a container full for our Christmas with Phil's side of the family.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Ruthie came home from school on Friday with this cute reindeer hat.  She wore it all night and even sang the song several times.  She loves singing songs from school.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Where is the Snow???

Here it is the middle of December, and it sure doesn't feel like it at all.  The temperatures the past couple of days have been in the high 50's, which is 20 degrees warmer than what we should be here in Iowa.  I have seen these snowflakes on some blog posts lately and thought Clare would like to make one.  She loves to make things.  Thanks to You Tube and their tutorials on 3D snowflakes, Clare and I were easily able to make one.
Cut paper into a square and make 3 slits about an inch from the top.  We made about 8 squares.
Unfold the paper and roll up each of the ends to make a crescent shape. 
Gather the corners of each and staple all together.  And voila, one giant snowflake!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Kind of Final

Finals are quickly approaching for Olivia with the 1st semester wrapping up before Christmas break.  She is taking Culinary 2 this semester; along with a written final, she and her friend had to plan and make a dinner, which included an appetizer, main dish, side, and dessert.  She had a grocery list and off we went to the store to buy ingredients to make fettuccine Alfredo, Cesar salad, bread sticks and brownies.  Everything was from scratch, except the noodles. The girls had a lot of fun making the meal, dancing Santa helpers, and tasted all sosoooo good.  I don't have pictures handy of them making the food since I was busy taking photos on the ipad.  They need to make a video of them prepping and making the dinner.  That will be tomorrow's project.
Dinner is served!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Quality Time Together

Phil took Olivia, Andrew and my nephew, Kip to the Iowa vs. Nebraska football game the Friday after Thanksgiving.  They headed on the road early to meet up with some friends to tailgate then headed to the game.  Despite the loss of the Hawkeyes, the kids had a fun time.  Before heading home, Phil has to stop at his FAV place for ice cream...Whitey's.  It was a long drive home with all of the traffic on the interstate.  They were gone for 12 hours.

While they were away, Clare was at her cousin's house playing, so Ruth and I spent the day together.  We were busy putting up the Christmas tree, decorating the house, we went out for lunch, shopped a little and enjoyed being with each other.  Our house was so quiet with only two of us home. 

Winter Sports

Clare had her first rec basketball game this past Saturday.  She really likes playing basketball a lot.  She is fast and makes most of the baskets.  Here she is with a few of her teammates.  The coaches try to match the kids up by height.  Clare looks like a giant on the team.  Her team consists of both 3rd and 4th graders.

Her team Lightning won 36-32. 

Even though it is winter, softball practice is around the corner.  In the meantime, Clare was asked to play in an indoor league for about 6 weeks.  Her first game was last weekend.  Phil took these pictures on his phone, and they didn't turn out so hot. 
Lead off batter-she went 4-3.

Can't Be Possible

Last Wednesday I had the afternoon off from work to go to the dentist.  Even though I had to go get my teeth cleaned, it did seem like a treat.  I NEVER take time off from work but sometimes you just have to.  Since I was home early, I took Andrew to the DOT to take his learner's permit test.  We haven't had time on the weekends and plus who wants to wait in line there on a busy Saturday.  Surprisingly, the place was FULL!!  He had to wait about 15 minutes before taking the 25 question test.  I left to use the restroom while he took the test, and by the time I came back, he was done.  He PASSED with flying colors.  The clerk finished up with asking him some questions then shortly his paper permit was issued.  As we were leaving, I asked him if it all looks good as he was looking over his permit.  He says, "They have me down as a 'girl'.  I thought he was kidding but NOPE!!  We quickly turned around to get it the 'F' removed from his permit and get the 'M' on it.  The clerk has no idea how that even happened because Andrew looks nothing like a girl, especially with his deep manly voice.  Oh well, something to remember this day!!
5'8' and 155 lbs

I didn't have Andrew drive us home.  With the DOT being in another town, he would have to drive in rush hour on the interstate.  I was not ready for that. 


Geez Louise have I have been a slacker or what?!?! Between teaching, hosting 2 practicum students, sports/church, life, being a mom of 4, working full time, never ending laundry, cleaning the house...sometimes blogging gets pushed back!  By 3 months!!!

I'm going to 'try' to recap a few things from the past couple of months.  For Thanksgiving this year, we stayed right here in Urbandale.  My SIL hosted dinner at her house so traveling 2 miles was doable.  My mom and grandma joined us too, along with her family.