Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Life in Pictures

Today is day 2 in My Life. in Photos photo challenge. My friend Amber insists that I do this challenge. Visit her blog at Everything Except the Grill to find more about the challenge.
The theme was to take a picture of what you have to show on your table.

My photo is of my kitchen table. I am up before my children and I always start off with breakfast. Love breakfast!! While I'm eating, I watch the local news to catch the weather for the day. If time allows, I'll spend a few minutes on the internet.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Life in Pictures

Today I'm participating in the My Life in Pictures photo challenge at Everything Except the Grill.

Here a picture of my girls messy room. Now, that's not new, however their beds are relatively new for them. A few weekends ago, they got bunk beds, a full over a twin. Little C. sleeps on the bottom bed and O. has the top. At first the beds were a new place to play and hangout. C. for awhile couldn't be on the bed during the day, only during nap/bedtime. She was always jumping off the ladder or the bed. It's getting to be old news now.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

10 weeks to go

Hard to believe only 10 weeks remain for our little girl to arrive. I have a feeling these weeks will go fast. Life is very busy from now til June 7th. Not only will the end of school year be wrapping up, but A. starts soccer this week, baseball in April, First Communion celebration, O. will have her dance recital and a birthday parties to celebrate as well. These day to day practices make the week go so fast.
I go to the doctor tomorrow. The last time I went, I failed the glucose test and had to go through it again-3 hour version. Luckily, I passed with no problem. I have been feeling good overall but feel big. The baby is about 3 pounds and 5-6 pounds yet to gain. All three of my other babies have been 8 pounders.
Phil and I have decided to have our baby at Mercy Hospital here in DM. We went to visit the hospital while on spring break. The facility is very nice and updated. The only thing that will be different this time around will be that I will deliver on one floor then move to a different floor for post delivery.

Easter Bunny

C. has been wanting to see the bunny for weeks now. Today, was the day to go and she was SO shy when we got there. The bunny was ready for her waving her to come. That probably frightened her even more. I took her by the hand and led her to the bunny. She did sit on the bench but all the way by the arm. The bunny had his hand out but she wouldn't put her hand in his big paw, however she did Hi-5 the bunny. Big brother, A. came along with us and wasn't planning in sitting with the bunny, as he thinks he is too old for this, but he saw his little sister struggling. He offered to sit next to the bunny so C. would be more comfortable. C. immediately scooted over and smiled really big. It was a good thing big brother was there to help out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lots to Buzz About

A. had a music concert tonight. As you can tell from the picture, the theme was Bugs. Parents were asked to create some kind of bug using a shirt. A BIG thanks to Grandma Ann, she brought up her sewing machine and sewed the yellow stripes on A.'s shirt. She also made the antennae from Target's Dollar section using the shamrock headband and spray painting it black and replacing the shamrocks with the black balls.

Ready to Buzz a tune.

Doing actions to the "Bee" song.

A. and his teacher, Mrs. Clover

A. and his buddy

Farmer's Market

A.'s 2nd grade class spent part of their morning having a Farmer's Market selling various things. A. had to decide what to sell and make a sign to advertise his product. The students could sell toys, make crafts, or bring homemade treats to sell for 25 cents. A. wanted to sell popcorn with candy mixed in it. Other 2nd grade classes came to purchase these items and then A. could also buy stuff from other classmates. Phil and C. made a trip to the Market and bought a cookie and popcorn. A. bought some goop, a rock pet, a toy turtle, Yu-Gi-Oh card, Baukgan, paper airplane, and an ISpy bottle. A total of $400 was made in A.'s 2nd grade community. All of the profits will be donated to charity.