Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where Have I Been?

I noticed it has been over a month since I have been able to upload pictures or even blog.  I've been in school for 5 weeks now but with lesson plans to write, implementing a new math program, responding to emails for school, organizing my running club, doing all the daily things here in the house, plus taking the kids to their weekly activities and also going to their games, there has been NO time to blog.  When will life slow down????  The weeks are going by in a blink.

Here is a recap of what the kids are doing in the evenings.

Olivia plays on the 8th grade volleyball team.  This week she had 3 nights with games and practices on nights w/o games.  Olivia is also taking two dance classes.  Tues. night I went to her game and then went straight to dance.  We didn't get home til 8:30pm. 

 Clare has been playing fall softball for the 8U Johnston Jaguars.  Two nights a week practicing and then the games are on the weekend.  Only a couple of weeks left til next spring when it starts up again.  Clare is also in gymnastics one night a week.  

Andrew is playing football.  He has practice two nights a week and games are on Sun.  He plays several positions but often the quarterback.

Andrew tossing the ball to a teammate.

And as for Ruth....she goes to most of her siblings events.  I don't have pictures of her there but luckily she entertains herself easily and does well at the games. 

Clare's 8th Birthday

 Clare's birthday is today.  We celebrated it with family on Sat. with a BBQ.  She wanted a softball themed birthday but there was nothing out there softball related.  I did make a banner with softball scrapbook paper but didn't take a photo of it.  Clare had a great day celebrating with her family.