Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School

The kids and I started school today, and Phil starts on Wed. We don't like knowing the summer has come to an end but all were looking forward to starting back up again. We like having the routine of things and structure but going back to school makes our evening very busy with homework, eating, football/soccer practice and other evening activities.

Here are a few pictures that captured our morning.

One going to middle school. Olivia was so excited to begin her new school. She had a hard time falling asleep last night and was up bright and early to get ready. The bus comes at 7:30am so no time to sleep in anymore. My baby is growing up too fast:(

4th Grader-loves that most of his buddies are in his class this year. Played 4 square at recess and shares a locker with a new student. Andrew sits with a group of other students and their team had the most positive reinforcement points at the end of the day.

It has been a LONG year for this day for Clare. She has been looking forward this day for about a year. Unfortunately she missed the cut off to go to school last year by 7 days. She wants to be just like her BIG brother and sister and go to school just like them. Today was THE DAY!!!! I asked her what she wanted to wear last night and she wanted to wear a shirt that has her school name on it. Clare officially goes to TR Elementary. She can't wait to meet new friends and LOVES her teacher.

Can't forget about Ruthie, she started at new daycare provider. We took Ruthie to her new in-home daycare a few weeks ago, then again last week. She cries when she has to leave me, which is hard. Today, she had to go all day. She cried a little, but did great throughout the day. She ate well and took her two naps without fighting it. Ruthie was excited to see me and chatted the whole way home. Just precious.

Meet the Teacher

All ready to go to school. By the end of August, my kids were ready to go back to school. On Friday the kids brought in their school supplies and they had the opportunity to meet their teacher. Clare couldn't wait to meet her, even though she was a little shy to say much to her.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gettin' Ready for Kindergarten

My summer has been full of doctor appointments with all 4 kids. Clare had her kindergarten physical last month and the doctor noticed she had trouble seeing the eye chart. She suggested we take her to get her eyes looked at. It didn't surprise us that she may need glasses, as Phil, Olivia and I all have bad eyes. As you can see, Clare needed glasses and couldn't wait to get them. Her right eye is significantly weaker than her left eye. Therefore, the left eye was helping her see. Next month we go back to see if a stronger prescription is needed or she may have to wear a patch to build up the strength of her weaker eye.

**Those who will be seeing Clare soon, be surprised by her wearing glasses. She wants to show you them.

Clare looking in the mirror seeing how she looks. This is also her 'shy' look.

She picked out a metallic purple frame but it is hard to see in the photos.

She slept with the glasses by her pillow last night in her little pink purse case. It was kind of funny that the glasses she picked out are Disney Princess. Clare is not a girly, girly and will tell you she doesn't like princess stuff. When the staff member from the eye store gave her the bag with her case and out she pulled a pink princess purse, I didn't know how she would take it. Either freak out or love it. It turned out she loved it.

First thing this morning she put on her glasses. We have to get use to seeing her wearing them. They make her look older than 5 1/2.

The next thing Clare can't wait to start is start kindergarten~Aug. 23rd.


This past week, my cousin Michelle and her family came for a visit. We had to squeeze in our visit when there weren't any sport activities going on btw both families. It is great having Michelle visit and having the kids play. Usually when we do get together, it is around a holiday and everything seems so hectic.

The kids LOVE going to Adventureland so that is always something to look forward too. With the kids getting older, taller, and braver, they can ride all the rides for the most part. We picked going on a Monday figuring it wouldn't be too busy. WRONG!! People were everywhere and so were the long lines. This past week has been one of the hottest and most humid weeks we've had here in the state. It was crazy hot walking around to the rides and waiting in lines. We did not bring Baby Ruth with us, thank goodness. She would not have lasted long with this heat. Thank You Sara for watching her. However, we did go home to cool down and eat supper and returned back to the park in the evening. I brought Ruth then to ride some of the toddler rides. The two hours we were there were enough for her.

Log Ride

Evening time

Big brother Andrew riding with Ruthie on the Semi.

Ruth is lovin' the ride, look at her HUGE smile.

Watching funnel cakes being made.

Incredible Pizza
Michelle had seen pictures on my blog about the fun pizza place we gone to recently. She thought it looked fun and her kids would like it as well.

Michelle and Joe celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary while visiting. They spent their day visiting some college friends in the city they graduated from and where they met.

Jack Pot

Climbing on the Skee ball game.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rodeo Fun

This past week I took the girls to a rodeo close to where we use to live. My good friend invited us to come down. The boys and Ruthie didn't j0in us since Andrew had football camp. While in Glenwood, we visited with Amber and Brock. We don't visit back in GWood very often so it was wonderful to see them and catch up on stuff. They were also joining us in the evening. YEAH!!!
Then in the evening it was Rodeo time. We didn't know what to expect at the rodeo since we had never been to one before, but some horses, bulls, and cowboys. Well, it turns out this rodeo is a BIG deal for those competing in it. Clare kept asking, "When will we see them fight?" I think she was wanting to see bulls fight against each other. Well, that didn't happen.

The evening was full of entertainment!! The girls were tuned in the whole time with the show and LOVED it. Thanks Wendelin for having us over for the night.

My girlfriends

The bull running away

Gettin' autographs from the cowboys and cowgirls.

Clare held her autographs in her lap the whole ride home back to DM. You can find them taped up on her bedroom walls.