Saturday, September 24, 2011

Homecoming Parade

It has been a long time since we have gone to a parade. The weather was perfect, and so we were off to Johnston's Homecoming Parade. Ruth is at a good age to go. She would watch her brother and sister and follow their lead. Ruthie liked the tootie rolls, which she called gum.

Football team

And NO, the man in front of Ruth is NOT Phil.

There's the Dragon!!

So cute....the three of them.

Notice that Olivia didn't join us. She is becoming more social these days. She went to the 7th grade social with some friends, and then they went to the parade together. Last night, Olivia went to the football game with the same girls too. And yes, a parent went as well. She came home around 10 last night. I asked her if she had a great time and she said yes. But she commented on how they didn't sit the whole time and she was tired of standing. I remember those days, you don't go to the game to watch, only to socialize. HA!! However, she knew that Johnston beat Indianola, winning their Homecoming game. My girl is growing up!!

Johnston vs. Urbandale

This week Olivia had volleyball games against Urbandale. It was fun watching her play an organized sport. It had been awhile-4th grade soccer. She has been waiting over a year to play and finally the time has come. There are a ton of girls out for the sport in 7th grade, over 60 girls. So to make sure all get to play, there are 6 teams. Olivia is on team E and is total fine with that. She is having a TON of fun and is making a lot of new friends. This week she'll have 3 nights of games. A lot to juggle with schoolwork and dance too. All of the kids' activities make the week fly by so fast.

#34 is Olivia

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Go Irish!!

Andrew had his first tackle football game today. It was a scorcher watching the game. The girls and I last about an hour then headed home to put Ruthie down for her nap. Andrew's team lost against the Cyclones, 6-0. He came home very disappointed with the loss but there is always next weeks game.

Playing running back in today's game.


We recently learned a friend of Clare's lives one street over. They were both in the same kindergarten class, but this year they are in different classes. Anyway, for the past couple of weeks, they have gotten together to play after school. Yesterday after Clare's soccer game, she wanted to play with friend. They played together all afternoon. One of the games they played was hopscotch. They attempted to draw the squares themselves but their feet couldn't fit in the boxes. I don't thing Ruth's feet could have either, HA. While I was outside with them, they asked me to make it. Here they are playing the game.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Soccer Season has Begun

Clare had her first soccer game this season. She is on a different team this year and the players on the team are GOOD. They've been together since pre-school and this is Clare's 2nd season. Not that Clare isn't good but these players know how to play the game whereas for her, she is use to chasing the soccer ball like a bumble bee. The coaches are trying to 'coach' her and at times she feels frustrated. She'll get the hang of it. But today, she played awesome and tried hard not to always powerkick the ball. Her team won, and she scored 3 of the goals.

Can't Forget Ruthie

Three weeks ago, Ruthie started her first day back to Lori's. I wasn't sure how she would do going back with being home for 2 1/2 months. But she was ready and all excited to see her friends. Every morning still she'll say, "Go see Lori."

With good news, we were able to tell Lori that Ruthie is potty trained. We started the first week in August, once baseball games were over. Just like her older sisters, and brother, she was just as easy and within a week, she was good to go. She has had only a few accidents but now she can go up to 2 hours before going potty, and she even tells us now when she has to go.

What a BIG girl she is!!!