Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Fixed

My Poor Andrew, what a rough year he had with his teeth. Earlier in the fall, he had a terrible accident to a front permanent tooth on a Friday night around 8:15 PM. His tooth was hanging down and dislocated. The tooth was then braced up with the other 3 front teeth for about 2 months. Several months of discomfort and 2 root canals, his tooth was FINALLY starting to look better and feel better too. I have pictures but I'll refrain from posting those pictures because Andrew looked horrible.

Who would have known 6 months later, I'd get a call at work, 1:15 PM to be exact, from the school nurse telling me Andrew had an accident at school with his tooth. The other front tooth broke when a handicap swing hit him in the mouth. I quickly became scared, worried, and afraid of the severity of tooth. Thank goodness for my wonderful co-teacher, Jen, she covered my class for the rest of the day while I took Andrew to the dentist. I was just glad offices were open this time around. Our dentist took x-rays and said Andrew would need an emergency root canal. The nerve in his tooth was completely exposed and the tooth was dying due to the trauma. By 4:30, the endodontist performed the root canal and took good care of Andrew. Andrew was a trooper through all of this, not one tear with the pain. Only tears of the thought of another tooth accident. By the time we were home, he was fine with his temporary smile.

Two weeks later, Andrew had his tooth bonded. It looks ok, but the matching of it isn't perfect to the rest of his tooth. The dentist had a hard time matching it due to his other front tooth since it is little discolored too. Eventually when Andrew is finished with any future orthodontia work that will need to take place, he can't get a crown on his front teeth. He will have his check up in the summer, we'll ask about the coloring of this teeth then and see if something be done.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Today is my first day of spring break, but my kids having one more day of school before their break. I made plans with Clare a few weeks back that I'd come up for lunch on my day off. She has been soo excited and couldn't wait for Ruth and I to come. Ruth too, looked forward to eating lunch with her big sister.

Birthday Celebrations

My mom came up a weekend in Feb. to celebrate both my brother and I's birthday. We ended up grilling for the first time this year and it was FABULOUS. Oh, it makes us all anxious for summer.

My mother-in-law, Mary and I share the same birthday. She was recently up but I didn't get a chance to take our picture but I was able to get a photo of her with my girls.

Strike a Pose

One morning before we left to go in the morning, I saw Ruth in this pose in front of the TV. I think it is funny because Ruth doesn't watch TV and of all the channels out there, she has on the Home Shopping Network. Plus this pose cracks me up.