Sunday, June 19, 2016

11U STATE Softball

Johnston Pride

State was held last weekend.  Double elimination means there would be lot of games.  The tournament started Friday night...played two, WON, making them seeded 2nd out of 23 team in pool play.  Played two more on Saturday...WON.  Then on Sunday they lost the first game.  But that didn't stop the girls at all.  Four games later that afternoon, they were in the championship playing the team that beat them the first of the day.  But, the team from the Quad Cities was strong as ever and won.  Overall, Johnston Pride parents, coaches, and girls were elated with 2nd place.  All season the girls have been playing against 12U girls and finally they played against girls their own size and ability. They looked awesome on the field and played their best.  Clare was on fire at the plate, hitting over 500.

Keeping cool in the little shade around the fields in between games.

2nd Place at STATE

This smile says it all.
This is what Ruth thinks about watching 9 games of softball over the weekend...exhausting.

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